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Bear's BBS

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BBS Info:
Name of BBS:
Bear's BBS
Address of BBS:
Website of BBS:
Cleanup/Shutdown Times:
1am PST
Are nightly backups made:
WG Version:
Number of accounts you can have:
2 till lvl 45 (mudrev 75) then a 3rd is allowed(per realm)
PvP Allowed:
Yes (Mudrev: No)
PvP level difference:
Death Pile raiding:
Sys Commands (& which ones):
(Stock lvl 45/Edited lvl 1/Mudrev no sys go)
sys map
sys goto
Level Stack allowed:
Training Setup (Max Level, Etc):
Stock: Max lvl 75
Edited: Max lvl 160
Mudrev: Max lvl 300
Age of realm (at time of ad):
2 years+
New Items:
Edited: Yes
Mudrev: Yes
New Areas:
Edited: Yes
Mudrev: Yes
Playing SySop:
Yes (BearFather/Dumbass)
Death HP:
Stock: -100
Edited: -100
Mudrev: -1000
Exp. Multi/Exp Tables Lowered:
Edited: all bosses are X2
Edited: some classes lowered
Limited Items:
Stock: Yes
Edited: Yes
Mudrev: No
Item Drop %:
Gold Jeweled Rings:
Stock: upon request from sysop
Edited: Jewelry store in silvermere
Mudrev: Jewelry store in silvermere
All new users are put in a 2 week credit account, and then if realm approves they are upgraded.

Check newbie guide on site for edits in Edited realm.

Come see us at

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