ClassicMUD PvP Reset - Friday, March 11 @ 9:00P EST

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ClassicMUD PvP Reset - Friday, March 11 @ 9:00P EST

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ClassicMUD PvP will reset tomorrow night at 9:00P EST!

Only *verified* accounts will be able to train beyond level 3.

PvP +/- 9 levels, death at -50, and a 5-15% HP hang penalty during PvP applies.

This will be a human-only push, with racial stealth added and allowed stats of 40-120. This will offer the remotest of chances to anybody of a sneak or hide, and your skill, or lack thereof, in the build-up and play of your character will show through plainly.

Biggest mistake some people make?

Pumping health too much, too early.

Boss timers and drop rates have been shuffled. All bosses regen within the course of a day, and most item drop rates have been set to 10%. Still challenging, but this should allow plenty of fun for everybody, reduce the odds of people locking down bosses day over day, and help items to flow a little more into the realm.

Some additional room and map adjustments have been made to help prevent glitches from happening, example being the Sheriff getting stuck in the bank.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Beyond that, all of the stock-game adjustments that we’ve put in this ver the years remain and can be viewed on the ClassicMUD Update Log - ... 1HzE8/edit

ClassicMUD... lightly seasoned with no dupes!
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