mini lair mod

New and Modified Areas, Spells, Monsters, etc created by users. Importable via Nightmare.
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mini lair mod

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--===[ UPDATE ]===-
found had missed rooms in catacombs so fixed and reexported it.

created a mod that adds newhaven dungeon back in although i see someone has done a mod for that
mine only adds 2157-2170 and 2292-2316 2152 is where it goes to the nw is a hidden passable i left cavebear at 2156

added lairs to the Earthen Catacombs, the slimers in sewer, up in the torchlit cavs and frozen cavs
also from serpentine to black fort, deep jungle and talios.

raised the drop rates of orc-heads from 1% to 7% as well as black diamonds and spider silk

i did this by doing seperate mdb exports of each thing i edited so you only have to import what you want.
there is a readme.txt in zip file.
(220 KiB) Downloaded 299 times

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