Knock Knock

Stories from playing the game or IRL that involves Majormud
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Knock Knock

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Knock. Knock.
Who's there?

Bash who?

Bash the fucking door like everyone else.

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Bash W

Post by Rothchild »

Back in the day on a paid local BBS Cujo/Wonslung was a relentless killer. He drove so many people off the board the SYSOP said if he attacked first again he'd get banned. So he'd run people with Wonslung a bit, then tell them there was a secret door they could 'bash w'. There was no west, so they would attack Wonslung and he'd kill them. He didn't attack first, so he couldn't get banned. He got his jollies even though he couldn't kill them out of lives. That was funny.

He tried to kill me on two different local BBS's but never succeeded (I hung like a bitch, and waited over a day to log back in, he would wait for hours). I remember at the first get-together I went to, I was gonna call him a lil bitch to his face. In my mind he was a scrawny pasty-faced wimp. When I met him he was a 6'6" (at least) brick wall. My scrawny 16 year old self couldn't knock him down with a 2x4. I sure as shit didn't call him a bitch, but we became friends. He ended up being the best man at my wedding.

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