MajorMUD Itch!

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MajorMUD Itch!

Post by Zaffington »

Hello, friends!

I'm super active on SAMHAIN.IO BBS atm and love it there, but my characters are coming into a period where they will be doing a lot more scripting for awhlie and I am going to have some more free time... and because it's only 2x characters per realm, I'm also finding it isn't completely scratching that MajorMUD itch!

I was looking at the stock PVE realm here and was wondering how active it is? And are GJRs a thing?

Am toying with the idea of starting up 5x accounts.

Cheers all!

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Re: MajorMUD Itch!

Post by MiOw »


There are a lot of players and characters going in the PVE realm and it’s not hard to find people around to chat. Feel free to set up what you wish and let me know if you’d like one of your accounts verified for PVP play.

You can also join the FB group and use it as an easy way to connect with players from both realms.

Beyond the bot allowing assignment of EPS, there are no other player aids to speak of.

Bosses are on a faster spawn schedule so it’s a lot easier to do the things you want to do.


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Re: MajorMUD Itch!

Post by TheFuneralPortrait »

Any news on a pvp reset Miow?

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