Feedback on MME v1.8

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Feedback on MME v1.8

Post by syntax »

Haven't had much feedback on v1.8. Have sysops updated their dats for it? Has anyone tried the megamud pathing? Spell restrictions working out on mudrev boards?

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Re: Feedback on MME v1.8

Post by BearFather »

I have been running it for a couple of weeks, and exported several dat's to be used by my board. I have yet to hear any issues, nor have I had any issues. I havent used any new features yet, but when I get home in a few days i will play some more with it esp. the pathing.

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Re: Feedback on MME v1.8

Post by apathy »

I've used it to make paths and haven't had any troubles, so that was nice :) WAY better than before. Love it.

I had a weird situation happen the other day where I added a monster to the compare list twice, removed it once, but it stayed on the list, though when I tried to remove either of the duplicates it would instead warn me that I was removing a different mob altogether, and it would remove that other mob if I said okay. I'll see if I can repro and get back to you if I can.

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Re: Feedback on MME v1.8

Post by Dizasta »

Your Megamud Pathing in MME is
Hidden Text:
I love it how you can't run into walls accidentally like you can making them in Megamud. Not only that the amount of time creating a path between the two, MME is god-like super quick and easy. The only thing I noticed off hand is when making a path that goes to an area that requires a item like rope and grapple, I have to go into Megamud and edit the path to add the required item. Basically doesn't do all those extra things you can in Megamud, but having this added to MME would make sense since a lot of places do require money or an item. Oh and another thing MME doesn't show the light required for rooms. I had to use Nightmare for that. I do find myself using both for somethings, but that's only because they're both awesome programs. Anyways keep up the awesome work!

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