PVP Revo MUD!! Come play at revo.best

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PVP Revo MUD!! Come play at revo.best

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The run-down is simple:
  • PVP (100 levels)
  • Running Brad's Beautifully Perfected Revo MUD (See dats.revo.best for MME Dat)
  • Original Limited Item Limits
  • New Monster Rare Drops Are Limit-1
  • All Non-Lim Items Are Loyal
  • Limit 2 characters per person!
  • No special sysop powers or an "op" of any kind
  • All players have sys map
Check us out by telnetting to revo.best

Download MME Dat at dats.revo.best

Download Revo Paths at paths.revo.best

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