my list of active majormud bbs's

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my list of active majormud bbs's

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if you know of a board not in list please let me know
Lostways BBS started in 1989
tlnet address (realm 1 train to 440)(as many chars as you want)(cp stats raised)(no lims)(3x exp)
realm has ob fort mod lair mod fighter glasses mod glasses edited so all classes can wear lots of new gear and weapons
100 lockers to store items lots of new areas. get paths and mme from
gjr's sold in newhaven auto bot for @home and @alive for new bosses other
bot commands are: /thesys retrain life good neutral evil mme {hod auto heals} sysop of board is thesysop [anton pfeil]

realm 2 slightly edited train to 200 unlimited chars (no lims) sashes mod lair mod and fighter glasses mod lockers above sil ts
mme for all my realms can be downloaded from
Grimoire BBS (stock pvp 2 accounts) website for rules and info
hack n slash bbs pvp and non pvp realms 2 chars
thekeep bbs stock realm no afk scripting 1 char email validate 2nd char with approval by sysop
Demonsnet BBS majormud 1,1r and 11.1p lots of other games and door games
Mudders PARADISE BBS Realm 1 stock nonpvp 3 chars death -25 no lims cob 24 hr regan gotos map status @home
realm 2 pvp diff 10 stock with lims no sys bot for @home
Void BBS 2 realms aftermud and majormud 4 chars max
edited death -25 no dp raiding mods 1-10 both realms
stock pvp=5 lvls death -25 no script killing sysop is kyau
Boink Machine BBS 3 Realms -
Option M - BoinkMachine Edited Realm. Higher EXP, New Areas, New Monsters, New bosses, New items, Max level 300. Increased stat caps. Sys goto and Sys map after 10 days of playing
Option 1 - Cheater Mud. BoinkMachine edits with 100 level PVP and complete OP access to teleport and item summons.
Option 2 - Stock PVE MajorMUD. Completely stock version of MajorMUD with 1 exception. No limited items. (It's stupid to have limited items in a non-pvp realm with no DP raiding) Sys goto and Sys map after 10 days of playing.

All updated Megamud paths for the pre-12/31/2019 edited realms avaiable on discord with MME files as well.
Bear BBS (3 realms 2 chars per realm stock start in credit class til 2 weeks get 3rd char after lvl 45)
Stock: sys map lvl 1, sys go at lvl 45 Edited: sys map and sys go at lvl 1
Edited realm is stock with edits to continue the game where WCC left off.
Mudrev: sys map and built in portal system
Mudrev is Brad's Mudrev, and is maintained and run by him(Sly).
There is a sysbot in each realm for alignment, retrains, @home, and more. sysop:Bear/Dumbass
Ignition BBS Now running classic stock mud pve (2 char limit) and pvp (1 char limit) sysop:charles christena
CodeRed BBS port 2323 (2 chars)(pvp but coop)(unique edits)
Mudbot commands/align change/retrain/etc (sys gotos) sysop is ravyn
Dreamline BBS (pvp stock dupes allowed {be reasonable}) newly reset
ClassicMUD - nothing fancy, just MUD the way your daddy played it! (port 2323)

ClassicMUD is a single character per player, per realm, board with two MajorMUD realms (PVP and NO PVP), T-LORD, and Blademaster. There is no playing Sysop, no sys powers or GJR, and sysop aid is not regularly given. The realms are almost entirely stock with the only notable exception being the removal of "bash" as attack options. Boss regen times have been reduced by half, items are not limited, and first-kill drops of items is not guaranteed.

- (PVP) enabled at +/- 9 levels with a 10% HP hang penalty and death at -30
- (NO PVP) is disabled with death at -100

***IMPORTANT*** You must verify your account(s) for the specific realm(s) you wish to play in before you can train beyond level 9. To verify you must be able to message or contact me from an established profile that clearly identifies you in order to ensure the single character per player, per realm, integrity of the board. Messaging me directly on Facebook or some other social network is by far the easiest way, I just need to be able to see who you are and associate your name with the account. Please do not make me work to verify you, come with ideas or suitable suggestions if you \93don\92t use Facebook\94. E-mail is not a suitable option.

Connect with me on the ClassicMUD Facebook Group -
- Michael (Sysop)
The WABAC Machine BBS version 1.1r stock
Ministry BBS (3 chars non pvp) (stock)
Hated Reality BBS
(1) (3 chars nonpvp unique edits has alot of the mudrev lots has been fixed tweaked) sysop is southern
(2) port 33 (stock pvp test board)
Cedarvalley BBS
all realms edited sys gotos at lvl 20 dupe at lvl 50
(1) CedarValley BBS port 2525 (1 char )nonpvp sysop is topcat
(2) CastleRock BBS port 2424 (pvp 1 char )
Greatermud 2 realms nonpvp 2 chars pvp 1 char sysop is gardner
Skullopoly Realms (nonpvp 2 chars)(sys gotos)(pay for gjr)(stock)
paradox non-pvp unlimited chars 2x quest exp lair mod spell mod
Mega BBS
major butt care bbs ver 1.1r no sys gotos or map plain stock no idea if any mods
Dado's Blade BBS (freshly reset) (3 chars per ip stock lightly edited pvp 7
lair mod newhaven monsters 3x except cave bear caveworm and slimebeast 2x exp
sys goto and map and mudbot sysop bizkit
Mnfrost BBS stock no mods
Darkwood BBS (Based off Silicon, with Epic's Mudrev edits merged in, and additional content added).
pvp level 25 MME Data Available: ... ef=2&pli=1
Mancave BBS 3 realms pvp edited and mudrev 3 chars each realm discord:
Glass Works BBS 2 siliconrev realms pvp and non-pvp no profanity
ProStar Plus BBS (pvp stock dupes allowed {be reasonable}
Entconn BBS (nonpvp 2x exp 3 chars sys gotos and map)(no lims) sysop is prime
and a pvp realm -6 dif limited items 3 char death -25
and a entconn2 not sure
the underground bbs
Adept BBS (1 free char pay for others)(pay for sys gotos nonpvp)(stock)
Seabreeze Gaming BBS 2 realms stock and edited 3 accounts per person
The Battered Tunic BBS Port 24 2 accounts monster edit for more exp and cash Sys God capabilities
majormud port 56119
UpsideDownMagic BBS boost to lvl 40
not runnin
Revo Best BBS mudrev
Phoenix.Strangled.Net (2 realms)(pvp realm sludges mudrev realm 2 chars per realm) (1 char pvp)(stock) (stock)(mud version 1.11p beta 8)(no mod9) (nonpvp mudrev 3 chars)(sys gotos) (3 chars crust mud) (2 realms)(2 chars)(sys map)(stock pvp and mudrev realm) (stock pvp 5 lvls 1 account) (stock pvp 3 chars no sys gotos) (1 char pvp at 100 stock) (stock) (2 realms)(boinkmachine pvp and nonpvp unique edits)(3 bbs accounts nonpvp 2 pvp) (2 realms 1 stock other edited 3 chars exp 10x no lims) (2 realms 1 stock other edited 2x exp 2 chars per realm) (1 char some edits no scripting) sysop xeeg (stock) 2 5x exp lair mob ob fort mod crystaline coffer md erie pond mod spell mod witchax mod double quest exp)(3 chars) (1 char free pay for extras nonpvp)(unique edits) sysop is koko
JUICEMONKEYBBS.COM (2 realms)(edited 2x exp no lims 3 chars)(stock realm 2 account)sysop: casey taylor (nonpvp minor tweaks such as +50 to stats some lims upped to 3, 5 accounts) (mudrev pvp set at 12, accounts sysop said don't care)
digiworld bbs (5x exp 2x quest exp lair mod no lims) (1 realm sys goto's sys map 4x exp more edits on the way)(no lims)
Mudhole BBS
Vandelay BBS (pvp 100 train to 100 no edits)sysop is ernak mccracken
Midgar BBS (1 account per ip 2nd char after 30 days pvp=5 stock realm) 10-4-2014
Chaos BBS (2 accounts per ip lair mod double quest mod spellcasters mod no lims pvp diff 10)sysop is spider (2 chars semi edited 2x quest exp cp points raised by 15 sys map and gotos gjr free at general store)
Slime BBS (checked 12-29) 8 chars (siliconrev 2 chars gotos and map pvp 50 levels) 11-1-2014
Transeo Crepusculum BBS ([2 realms] edited 2x exp, no lims pvp, stock pvp, 2 accounts each realm)sysop is shana barlow
Xtreme BBS (2x lims 10 pvp dp pile raiding allowed) sysop serf 21 chars
Castle HQ BBS (realm 1 mudrev 2 accounts)(realm 2 stock 2 accounts)
Evermud BBS (stock 4 chars sys gotos at lvl 40) sysop is tycho
Kaotik Haven 2 accounts no mods pvp 2 new races 1 new class
reactivemud 3-4 accounts 4x exp
Mmud BBS (realm 1 2 chars) (realm 2 1 char)
Infinitespace BBS or (nonpvp 3 chars no lims 2x exp liar mod train to 300)(sys gotos stats edited)
Blue-edits BBS siliconrev (3 chars per ip 4th with donation) ther edits sys goto's
Suckapunch BBS pvp no rules 1 account lightly edited
Beebs BBS 3 realms stock edited mudrev 4 chars per realm reopened 3-9-2015
Xilo BBS mudrev 3 chars

OG BBS (nonpvp lightly modded 2 accounts no lims sys goto)
BadAss BBS (stock realm and mudrev pvp 100 levels sys goto and map dupes but not stated how many) 10-22-2014
Quicksilver BBS mudrev dunno number of accounts allowed no sys goto's
Southern Harmony BBS (nonpvp stock)
PhaseShift 9-26-2015 2 realms pvp and pve 2x exp sys gotos in pve 3 chars
TheJungle BBS (stock death -100)
MinorMud BBS: port 2020 no limited items, 3 chars allowed Mods added
Carnage BBS: port 2323 PVP 3 chars allowed, Mods added, Max stats have been increased
Starbase21 BBS stock pvp? accounts??? ((mud offline do to errors))
Shadow of Darkness BBS PORT 2929 mudrev 3 chars per ip
Mudserv BBS port 7777 3 chars stock pvp no lims sys map pvp 15
Esoteric BBS (mudrev 3 chars) sysop:brad waters [badboy]
fat-yoda BBS (stock pvp)(2 chars)
Holodeck BBS (2 realms)(stock pvp)(2nd slightly edited)

PureMUD BBS: (
MME DATs on PureMUD Facebook Page and on as attachments

Realm 1 Stock-based PvE - PORT: 6969
MODs: crystal coffers, deep caverns, ancient fortress, obsidian fortress, RETRO and Lair MOD, small quest fix, various minor fixes
Junkyard shops can resell what it buys and REGEN items very slowly
Quest EXP x2 and Boss EXP x2, Boss drops 100%, all items loyal
Unlimited items, SYS MAP and GOTO, and GJR - Free in Silvermere Jewelry
All trainers 1-150, Stats +100
Death: -1000
Number of accounts allowed Online: 6 per IP

Realm 2 Stock - PvP - PORT: 7777
MODs: Lair MOD, small quest fix, various minor fixes, Junkyard shops can resell what it buys
Stats +25, Boss drops 100%, all items loyal
SYS MAP, Unlimited Items, PvP level difference (100)
Death: -100
Number of Accounts allowed Online: 3 per IP

Realm 3 Standard MUDREV-based PvE - PORT: 9999
MODs: Raised Max Stats , Class and Race EXP changes, small quest fix
Fixes to bugs, glitches, and exploits, Fixed Broken Quests
Stats +100, Boss Drops 100%
SYS MAP and GOTO, Trainers up to 500
Death: -10000
Number of accounts allowed Online: 3 per IP
Mudders Inc. 2 chars per ip pvp level 10 death 35
TDR BBS Reopened with a stock/Edited/mudrev realms 4 chars per ip PVP 7 levels
Eclipse BBS (pvp)(stock)

Catsweat BBS (3 chars)(sys gotos)(non-pvp)(no lims)
Killer BBS 2 Char per IP 2 x Limiteds PVP Level limit - 10 Levels
funk soul brothers bbs Lair Mod and Spell Mod PVP currently set to 7 levels Death is set to -30 3 chars per ip
Retro RedMud Castle BBS 2 chars per ip no mods not sure if that means 1-9 or what
The Nexus BBS (2 chars per ip pvp level 5 stock realm)
Darkside BBS (stock)(pay)not sure if its still a pay board
Dustyn BBS base realm spells mod, lair mod, unlimited items,. 5x exp no mention of amount of chars allowed
upgraded quest items and a couple items to balance for edits
Mudlite BBS no lims sys go to, and map. could careless on dupes
BCG BBS port 24 non-pvp 3 accounts sys map and goto Sysop: Shaniqua
MudMisfits BBS sys maps gjr at lvl 30 pvp 10m lvls death -20 @home bot 2 chars per ip
shinra inc bbs 2 chars per ip pvp level 5, items are limited per default
Oblivion BBS Stock realm pvp no limited items 3 chars per ip
Utopia bbs (2 chars)(stock slight edits sys map @home)(pvp 10 levels) bbs info at
Del's Place BBS no edits, 2 characters max, gold jeweled rings upon request (at level 10).
Mining Mud BBS 2 dupe rule, Non-PVP It's a stock mod 9 board with sys goto commands for all users.
the original Mudbox BBS Pimptite port 6969 and 23 (stock realm 3 chars) pvp 7 levels sysop:jeremy wilson
The Nest BBS 2 char per person 3rd char at lvl 40 and gotos and map
pvp 10 lvls loose up to 3 items hanging during pvp gjr from mudbot
Black Wasteland BBS 3 chars per ip pvp enabled no lvl mentioned death -40
Warlocks, Missionaries, and Gypsies all have Combat-3, and that Warlocks and Missionaries can now use all weapons.
Priests armor spells supply double their previous AC.
brujah bbs char limit is gone, just dont go crazy with having a bunch on at once.
no lim's, 2x exp, new areas and bosses, new equipment and weapons,
4 new classes, 2 new races, adding in new quests,
non pvp (looking at maybe starting a pvp realm if the interest is there with all the edits and lims in place),
max level 475, mudbot in game with @home's and @alive's for new bosses
CyberSpace BBS (stock nonpvp 3 chars)sysop:brandon bianchi
Lunar Dynamics Online
Partymud BBS Non-Pvp No Lims Dupes Allowed Lair Mod Spell Mod with Fix Double Quest XP Double Monster XP
Not Quite Immortal BBS Max Characters: Infinite Active Characters (NO Holders) Limited Items List Posted on Discord
Death -30 Level Stack 16 Gold Jeweled Rings Awarded at Level 45
Forever BBS
IP: tlnet: 23
realm 1 medrev
realm 2 stock pvp Sysop: t jenkins
Dungeons of Insanity BBS Realm 1 Port 2323 4 chars allowed NO LIMS! Lair mod Spell mod
-=T-LORD=- is available for play in **DOORS**
Sash's and Fighter eyeglass mod (cloakroom) Double quest mod
150% monster exp doubled monster drops
LVL 10 Quest weapons are sold at Universal trainer whotrains 1-100 really cheap.
2nd quest heads, orc-heads and black diamonds are sold in General store.
LVL 50 quest weapons and spells sold now in Junkyard!
Free gold jeweled rings are sold and Meia (curio shop).
10 LVL PVP +20 to max stats Unlimited apparatus kills per day/once per char.
@home's @retrains @good, neutral, evil Jorah is now a disposable room.
Rope and grapple are loyal Sys gotos and Sys map Chars will be deleted after 30 days of not playing.

realm 2
2 chars max 10 lvl PVP 3 x Lims -30 death sys map spell mod (fixed) lair mod 2x exp +10 stats
nvcrypt pve 3 chars death -1000 no lims races +20 stats
mudrev work in progress
Shadow Realm BBS Limit 2 characters per person (instant ban if 3rd detected)
Plate and scale wearers removed from game Death at -35 HP
BentoBox BBS

It contains 10 different copies of MajorMUD, all accessible from one BBS. Each copy of MMUD correlates
to one "Mod" of MMUD, starting with Mod 0 (Original 1.0 version of MMUD) and going all the way up to Mod 9.
It gives you a great opportunity to see how MMUD developed over the years, or even play on a particular
version of MMUD from your personal MMUD heyday.
2 chars per ip
(gave no info on how many chars per ip or pvp range as of yet anyways)
cyberspace bbs port 2323
samhain bbs 2 chars pvp diff 5 gjr's in newhaven no limired item hoarding
Broken Tower BBS 4 chars oer ip no limited items healer bot gjr in curio shop PVE
Haxxord BBS (port 23 or 2323) slightly edited all Mods and Fixes 2 realms pvp and pve
3 Chars connected at a time max Death -30 PVP Death -100 pve
iced earth bbs no rules

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