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Discussion relating specifically to the popular MudRev dats.
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MudRev Information

Post by syntax » Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:29 am

I am trying to compile a history and a basic summary of edits in the mudrev / mudevolution / mudevolved dats.

What I am looking for is to build a list of areas. Starting with a template like something as simple as this:
  • Area: (name of new area)
    Description: (short and sweet description. could be lore and/or simple info like number of shops, weapons to get, etc)
    Location: (areas adjacent to it / how to get to it)
    Recommended Levels: (level range)
    Nearby Scripting Areas: (list / level range if different from above)
So far digging around the web all I could find is some history:

The Concept

MUDRevolution's goal is to provide the most expansive free modified MajorMUD realm of all time. Featuring thousands of new rooms, monsters, bosses, items, and quests. 10 new classes, 5 new races, and a level limit of 255. MUDRevolution hopes to revive the nostalgic days of classic text-based RPG adventure, based on the legendary MajorMUD. Do you miss the comradely and true benefit for banding together with friends near and far to defeat minions from the deep? With a new focus on boss hunting, re-vamped competitive economy, and structured experience gain, we hope to create a sense of worth with your MUDRevolution characters. We are open to suggestions, as this realm was created by the users and was made for the users. However, we are selective with our content as we only feature the medieval MajorMUD theme. We hope you enjoy one of the last MajorMUD Realms alive.


How MUDRevolution has been Revived, The last stand for MajorMUD.
MajorMud was officially released on November 4, 1994. The game was created by was created by Lance and Cathy (Dog) Neumann, Michael Skupa (Cat), Craig Young (Morukai), and Geoffrey Rosen (Orfeo) in the early 1990s. Collectively they were known as West Coast Creations, or WCC. On May 25, 1999, WCC sold MajorMUD to Metropolis, a company based in Kansas, USA. Metropolis promised to continue the work done by WCC. Over the years, 9 expansions modules were added, with the first 6 developed by WCC and the last 3 by Metropolis. On April 10, 2008 Metropolis Gameport shut down and sold all 7 of their Worldgroup BBS Game Servers. All updates, maintenance, and user support has been halted. MajorMUD, as we know it, has nearly come to an end in this day and age of high graphic MMORPG's. However, a small group of underground MajorMUD players have been quietly developing the tools necessary to make MajorMUD the game we all hoped it could be. Thanks to a few specific programmers, taking their own time to develop applications for an out-of-date text-based RPG game, we have the ability to make the "what ifs?" of the early 90's come true. We provide tools and unique files in our Downloads sections, allowing you to work with MajorMUD like you never thought before. This website and BBS is a starting point to the final stages of MajorMUD. We hope to connect the community and "revival" members who have wondered if MajorMUD still exists. MajorMUD does still exist, and it's better than ever.

MUDRevolution hopes to revive any lost hopes that Metropolis caused by abandoning the project long ago, and finally shutting it down completely. By expanding the realm and adding new modules, MUDRevolution has installed an exciting new line of game-play that should keep newcomers and oldschoolers exploring for ages. The developers of MUDRevolution designed huge new areas, with an array of arduous bosses, some nearly undefeatable. The quest system has been expanded, as well as other aspects of the realm, to coincide with the maximum level limit of 255. Thousands of new items have been added, to make your character have unique abilities or exploit the weaknesses of your merciless foes. Hundreds of new spells to accommodate the high levels and the many newly developed spellcasters. Featuring a multitude of exciting new classes, filling every gap conceivable concerning the combination of weapon choice, armour selection, magic class, and abilities. Intriguing new races, with abilities never seen from the stock MajorMUD races. MUDRevolution did not hesitate to make modifications to old items, returning the elite items to prominence and balancing the weaker attributes among the classes and races. The origins of MUDRevolution have returned, as the original host, sysop, and game developer have returned as the sole operater to revive the one and only, MUDRevolution. Keep MajorMUD and MUDRevolution alive by getting involved with the MajorMUD community.


In the beginning, Miles expanded the realm. With the help of syntax53 and others, Miles used Nightmare Redux to push MajorMUD to it's extreme limits. MUDRevolution was not the first edited realm by far, but no one had yet to see an expansion of this proportion. The idea of adding 10 classes, and making fully playable game content to level 255 was ludicrous. Miles had a vision, and worked tempestuously to create a seemingly endless profusion of MajorMUD content.

The second coming, Gabriel and Mindcry joined the project. As the realm expanded, Miles could not balance the workload to sustain such a vast realm. Gabriel, also known as Demosthenes, offered to assist Miles in polishing the edits and working with the textblocks. He did amazing work on all the quests, concepts, and game-play. His assistance saved time and allowed for more physical expansion of the realm. Mindcry also joined the project, developing a pHp module that would extract info directly from the MajorMUD database and update to an HTML website. This allowed users to have quick and easy access to any new information regarding MUDRevolution.

Mies leaves the project, MUDRevolution becomes omnipresent. In 2004, Miles walked away from the project. With the source data files, Gabriel continued to improve MUDRevolution. Gabriel worked with Drago, an interim Sysop, who hosted the realm initially. Sadly, Drago had access to the database and begun making questionable edits, and ultimately abandoned the project. The data files eventually leaked to the public and have been modified from the original version many times over. MUDRevolution is a staple add-on module in most MajorMUD realms existing today.

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Re: MudRev Information

Post by syntax » Tue Mar 01, 2016 3:28 pm

Added some history I found digging around the web

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Re: MudRev Information

Post by syntax » Sun Mar 06, 2016 12:21 am

Saw this in a .rln file in the mudrev dats zip. Possibly the closest thing to a full list of changes in the "base" mudrev dats?

Code: Select all

There goes that; I guess I'm not back. This is your faithful Astaroth, passing the
torch back to Miles and signing off.

Sakhis Razorclaw will be used soon.
Tweaked 6th quest chests slightly so there are fewer probabilities for MMud Explorer to
  calculate. Should have very little in-game effect, but if you care to know you do.
Fixed ac on Gold-Runed Leather Belt.
Fixed the message error with gnaj golems that was crashing the game, again.
Fixed the random teleportation room by LotS.
Fixed madrigal of disenchantment.
Orfeo should now give madrigals as intended.
Lissom Crests are no longer loyal/no-drop.
Fixed the quest in Esoteric Cavern.

Hi, I'm back. Who knows how long this time, but I'll try to keep accurate notes at least. :P

Work sucks and I have no inspiration during the week, heh.
Changed the shorthand for song of transportation so people wouldn't typo it
  when trying to train and recall instead.

Fixed a message error that was causing gnaj golems to crash the game.

Lowered damage on the highest level spells for all spell classes to reflect the ease
  of getting +spelldmg eq. Sorry, but if my priest can hit 5k easily without any of the
  MR-lowering spells, something's fucked.
Tweaked the Esoteric Cavern (have fun, it's very interesting now) and added a quest there.

Lowered damage slightly on priest & druid high-level attack spells.
Added the new priest spells to the game; switched disenchant to level 95.
Made some changes to Kryon Dragon, it actually does a little damage now.
Tweaked a couple curse spells which weren't wearing off properly when cast by monsters.

Removed class restrictions from Headdress of Vehemence.
Increased mystics to 200% exp table; tweaked spells/eq some more.
Lissom gear now decreases casting abilities, and genji gear decreases combat abilities.
  Likewise for mystical fury & mystical focus. The equipment also negates the opposite spell.

Apparently fixed Onyx Juggernaut again, hopefully this time it sticks.
Tweaking mystic casting abilities/equipment significantly.
Screwed around with more messages, if the board gets crashy you guys need
  to tell me, since I'm usually at work and won't know about it.

After reset priests will no longer have area spells. Gave them a few more enhancement/curse
  spells to compensate, but there's no need for priests to be clearing full rooms.

Fixed Infernal Denizen yet again, whee.
Golden vials now restore significantly less kai than mana.

Tweaked druid spells a bit - rangers no longer get greater mend, but receive their
  best roomer earlier than the other druidic casters instead. Druids can now
  use wicca blessing, but lion's roar has been downgraded.

Fixed stats & messages on several weapons, mainly new ones made by Rex and others that had
 been tweaked or overlooked.
Renamed monsters in dismagi caverns & tweaked some stats.

Fixed Fields of Kon'Fehr and some rooms with wrongly set death rooms.

Assorted message fixes.
Psionic healing affects others again, but is still weakened from before.
Made Magnus a little harder... if 4 people are killing him, he's too easy.
Switched the necro cure para spell to cure blindness instead.

I'm baaaaack... ready for things to get interesting again? :P
First off, a host of minor fixes:
 Fixed Infernal Denizen & Onyx Juggernaut crashing the game
 Weakened mystic healing to the level of other magic-2s.
 Increased difficulty in eel pen.
 Increased damage slightly in lower sewers.
 Lowered exp drastically on the beach near Southwind Dale.
 Zanthus is now required for finishing 5th quest.
 Dragonscale belt is no longer loyal.
 The crystal forest is now accessible.
 All 3 keys are now required to reach Lord of the Sea.
 Tweaked drop rates on many items.
 High-level kai powers are learnable now.
 Fixed the death spell on gnaj golems.
I also reset the kill times on all monsters with this update; expect this fairly
  often until we reset (coming soon, hopefully within the month)

It'll be a while til the next update, as I need to take some time off to get a decent
  goddamn job again. I'm not abandoning you, but don't hold your breath.

Haven't been keeping notes the last few days, been busy and barely around, but I have changed
  a few things, so don't be surprised if you notice small differences. Nothing major, mainly
  just fixing minor shit that didn't work right.

Have fun killing monsters (mainly quest & shopkeeps) which should be unkillable, from now on.
Fixed defaulting on Dhelvanen's scrying quest.
Changed wizard knock to 1x/round.

Icebane Robes will no longer delete at cleanup, thought I'd fixed it before.

Changed most high level priest-3 healing spells to never be resistable (for WHs).

Finished fixing 80 quest halls, yet again, so you are no longer placed in the final room to be
  rerolled if you die there. The logic astounds me.

White satin gear is now non-magical & non-aligned.
Barbed circlet and circlet of negation are now non-magical, also downgraded stats on negation.

Tweaked the difficulty of the monsters which drop components for lvl 150 armor sets.
Tweaked the level 80 quest halls, as some of them weren't regenerating properly and others
  just had random shit happening.

Tweaked gleaming pearl earrings, as one of the attributes they had isn't coded properly.
Tweaked the monsters in crystalline forest. Damn Metro and their monsters with randomly
  stupid energy values.

Tweaked the accuracy on all oceanids, and also lowered the exp slightly on regular
  oceanids again to get people to go to other areas more.
Changed the location of the holy fire scroll so priests don't get quite so screwed compared
  to other magic-3 classes on high level spells.
Fixed a bug which was causing the board to crash. Sorry about the trouble and the downtime,
  these things happen on a board which is constantly under development.

Fixed some screwy monster entrance messages.

Added eye of magnus as a very high-level mystic spell, and tweaked globe of invulnerability.
Removed the spell from mithril shroud & other high level cloaks, and raised the
  stats they give slightly.

Tweaked the chances of encountering illusions in Nahr's Castle so that there is
  a chance no matter what stats a character has.
Acid tempest & divine tempest now give a message for the endcast spell.
Mizzo can no longer regen in an inaccessible area.
Decreased the uses on runed glyph key to 3 per drop.
Added a high level limited arrow.
Tweaked stats on Starmetal Helmet & Bracers - the helmet is no longer paladin-only.

Lowered the drain on demonic arrow, and added a mid-level draining arrow.
Icebrand Chainmail no longer destroys on death.
Dark blue orbs now actually cost something.

Changed the hit spell on all dark oceanids' non-weapon attacks, as the old one wasn't working.

Lowered difficulty on five-headed dragon serpent slightly.
Fixed the regen on dark giant warlock (yet again).
Switched the level restrictions on the perfect stealth quest for archers and samurai to
  better reflect their armor types.

Dismagi Lords will now be worth exp; also tweaked stats very slightly, and removed the
  regen from their rooms.
Tweaked the stats on Lissom Overlord and made him actually worth exp.

Added a few limited blunt weapons and a limited 2h sharp, and tweaked the stats on some
  high level bosses accordingly.
Added archer spells to level 90.
Fixed the spelling on the Guildmaster's message for red dragon quest. I include this only
  so the great Bob will know his opinions are important.

Increased the backstab rate on black specters.
Changed the regen time on dark oceanid beastmistress.
Changed the exp/attacks on green wolf eels.

Upped the drop % on Icebrand Chain, added Icebrand Boots since they were in the dats but not
  the game.
Aged titan can no longer train to level 100.
Tweaked the Sunfire arrow and Thor's arrow and included them in the game for
  high level unlim archer weapons.
Included the Giant Pink Bunny in yet another export, maybe it'll work this time.
Dark Reaper will no longer drop scrolls for level 200 spells.
Regen in the ancient fortress (wererats) should work properly now.

Added a mid-level attack spell for maestros.
Added a mid-level party healing spell for priests.

Bracelet of haste is now level restricted per the quest which gives it, so as to not
  confuse newbies using MMExplorer.
Switched all the archer bows to alter speed rather than giving +/- dodge.

Tweaked the difficulty on Black Overlord and Shadowed Overlord.
Boomshaii Staff is now usable by maestros as well.
Changed the stats on platinum jeweled amulet and golden ruby-eyed amulet so they make sense.
Changed the starting 6th quest bosses (Demonic Enchantress, Zedwic, King of Naz) to 6 hour
  regen if they weren't already lower, and reduced their lim drop rate and exp.

Green dragons will now regen properly in the caverns below the great green dragon.
The wererat ninja is no longer instant regen. If I catch anyone abusing shit like this,
  especially to the extent this was abused, they will be deleted and banned. Consider
  this a final warning for everyone, ignorance is not an excuse.

Fixed the message on shivan blizzard so it displays the correct damage to others in the room.
Rylten the Serene has a max of 6 swings/rd rather than 10 now. Also tweaked his spell damage.
Fixed the Dismagi Lords so they are actually hittable with ivory weapons (hopefully,
  though this looks familiar for some reason...)
Upgraded accuracy on Dark Monstrosity.

Downgraded starmetal giant king slightly.
Changed the mage spells of enlightenment/rage to self-only.
Lowered the Silvermere practice dummy to 50 MR, to match with the other standard dummies.

Fixed the sinister dragon's room so Meia and Giovanni can no longer regen there. Instead,
  green dragons will now regen with it as was, I presume, intended. Also upgraded the
  exp on sinister dragon, since the upgrade I previously made apparently didn't take.
Upgraded the ruby ninjato slightly, since flaming star was both better and easier to get.
Fixed the mage/wizard scorching beam scroll (done before, forgot to note it).
Fixed the bug where someone could do a surprise round by bsing with a 2H weapon,
  courtesy of Syntax.

Magus Cloak is now usable by all casters.
Downgraded the ac on red jacket to reflect the lower ac values on high level caster silk.
Giant Pink Bunny now drops pink rabbit's foot, rather than regular bunnies.
Upped the hp on some level 150+ monsters.
Fixed the Dismagi Lords so they are actually hittable with ivory weapons.
Upped the drop % on scrolls of judgement from Lord of the Quagmire.
Magic is now fully negated throughout the Dismagi Caverns.

The gate to Venshire is now pickable by a high level thief using their quest cloak.
Monsters can no longer regen in the Overgrown Shrine (for 3rd neut quest).
The level 10 skald weapon can now backstab.
Lowered the regen rate in Dismagi Caverns.
Tweaked the stats on some of the circlets.
Upgraded the drop rate on level 150 armor components to 2%.
Kryon Dragon can no longer regen itself to death.
Changed the location of the Crystal Forest, also cut down the regen in the area slightly.

Meteor storm is now learnable by druid-1 as well.
Added a new level 125 druid-2 roomer.
Added two new druid-1 spells, a roomer and a tickdown spell.
Tweaked the stats on spirit of the elephant.
Upgraded disenchant slightly, also added a level 120ish priestly offense spell.
All bless/curse type priestly spells now remove each other (excluding chant/blight).
  Also added higher level versions of chant/blight and bless/curse.
Added a level 115 priest-2 party heal, and changed the name of missionary healing.
Fixed yetis and the mammoth rot worm so that they dispel the roar spell upon death.
Added level 150 and 225 shields for robes/chain/scale/plate.
Added a new level 125+ quest area in the sewers, with the quest still unfinished as of yet.

Upgraded all of the level 150+ kai powers.
Added a high-level lim-1 eye item, I'll be adding more unlim mid-level ones later on.
Tweaked the exp on Nahr's Castle illusions, since somehow they went back to their original
  values after I tweaked them before.
Fixed the Venshire temple and bank, they now work properly.
The webpage is now also accessible via, changed the game messages to reflect.
Eyes/face/finger eq will now display properly on the webpage, courtesy of Dreimas.

Tweaked some priestly healing spells to compensate for the availability of black potions.
A message will now be displayed when you attempt to animate the frost giant/hydra and
  they're already dead.
Priestly benediction and divine healing are now castable on yourself.
Added lim-1 level 210 spells for priest and druid to match the one for mages.
Added several items from 1.1n which were not in the game.
Fixed a problem with regeneration in the Black Quagmire.

Missionaries and samurais can now use chainmail shields.
Added attack messages to the 5th neut questers, yay for metro!
Added several new high level ear and neck items, several limited.
Added level 150 armor. It is only available by building it from components, but it's worth it.
Added a new area off Western Plains, where mystics can learn their level 120+ kai powers.
  Still to be revamped for 9th quest, but as a temporary measure it's in the game now.

Revamped level 60-90 armor (mainly dr on lower ac types), added level 120 armor to shops,
  will be added to monsters when the area for them actually exists.
Upgraded the ac on plate lims, lowered the limit on Obsidian Jeweled Plate to 1.

Increased the delay on healing potions slightly, you should never be able to quaff 2 per round.
  Also lowered the amount healed.

Changed the way the Nazareen arena works, and added an arena to Southwind Dale as well.
Rusty golden keys now delete@cleanup.
Fixed an error with the scroll for shockwave.
Added an arena to Nazareen, Tele-Arena style.
Changed the messages on righteousness, and all the druid/shaman elemental shields.
Fixed the missionary quest area.
Added potions of safe transport to the Venshire Temple shop. These potions instantly recall
  you regardless of monsters' presence, and are restricted to level 200+.
Raised the bs damage on Runed Onyx Masamune slightly.

Tweaked the Dismagi Lords slightly, as well as the sinister mists in Quagmire and Dreary Forest.
Added a high-level mage-2 area stunner, as well as tweaking the level on deafening serenade
  and making it bard-2.

Added several new magic-3 spells.
Upped AC on high level plate gear slightly, and DR significantly. Plate wearers will no longer
  be sitting ducks compared to silk wearers by level 65, I hope.
Lowered the mana cost on wizard's magma blast slightly.

Spirit shield is now necrolyte-only instead of priest-only. Oops.

Upgraded the dybbuk epee slightly, since it is only usable by those with class stealth now.
Starsteel masamune is no longer class-restricted. No idea why it was in the first place.
Reworked the title system so that Master is now level 150+, with titles every 10 levels prior
  to that. If you notice that you're not getting titles exactly every 10 levels, let me know,
  because it's very likely that I screwed up something minor.
Fixed the display for equipped weapons to say (Weapon Hand) for 1-h and 2-h weapons alike,
  courtesy of Syntax.
Upgraded some higher level spells which I'd missed at first and thus were the same strength
  as level 90ish ones.

Icebane Masamune is now lim-3 instead of 5.
Black Overlord drops a new lim instead of Rune-Etched Masamune now.
Way of the trolloc is now learnable.
Tweaked the experience on the Dread Forest bosses.
The mystic/samurai level 80 quest armor now gives +2 HitMagic, allowing high level mystics
  to engage magic-7 monsters (or magic-10 with Nahr's Quest bonus).
Magic/kai are now completely negated in the Dismagi Caverns, rather than only
  having effect spells dispelled. Magical items will still function within the
  Dismagi Caverns, excluding recall items.

Upped the drop rate on adamantite rings to 20%.
Paladins and necrolytes can no longer wear the Cross of Vengeance.
Fixed a bug with the level 90 plate set.

Kuel will give the correct forms now.
Tweaked the duration on way of the jaguar.
Changed many of the spells which Frozen Temptress casts.

Upgraded exp on many of the bosses in high-level areas.
Tweaked some of the new spirits, and fixed their cast messages.

Increase the spellimmu on Fajar-Nezar.
Upped the duration on deafening blast stun and thunderstun so they will always last 1 round.
Removed the game limit on pink bunnies, and added a small area which regens multiples of them.
  There is also a Giant Pink Bunny (!) which roams this area (although it will not regen in
  the old pink bunny area).
Spirit of the rabbit is now learnable. Oops.

The Dragoon Stronghold has been downgraded slightly in difficulty, and unrestricted in level.
  The death room is no longer in Southwind Dale, and the entrance to the foothills
  outside Southwind Dale is now level-restricted. As well, you can no longer die outside
  the gates of the Stronghold and be dropped in Southwind Dale before level 100.
  If anyone figured out that you could, congrats for not getting caught, I suppose. :P
Sped up the regen in the caverns below Obsidian Fortress.
Upgraded some of the monsters which now drop level 90 armor sets.
Enpli the Mutant will no longer drop Blessed Ivory Mask.
Upgraded the HP regen on Icebane Executioner.
Level 90 armor sets are all now available in shops and from monsters.
Made a higher-level version of moonstone medallion.
Upgraded the exp on hydra.

Added spirits to the game for rangers and arboreans. They work generally like mystic
  forms, and are only available from monsters.
Tweaked/added some maestro spells, as well as changing their recall spell to level 30.
Fixed some errors with Nahr's quest and with choosing your spellcasting path as an archer.
The spheres Nahr summons are 1 hour regen again, and when you die in his room you will
  no longer port back to before the class split.

Tweaked regen on Gloomy Mountain and Kon'Fehr Fields. Kon'Fehr Bishop is now
  a wanderer.
Increased the drop rate on most components for Dhelvanen's quest, and made them not
  destroy on death anymore.
Monsters will no longer regen in the first room above fallen angel, where Timelord
  used to be. The ethereal prison is part of Gnaj's Prisoner quest, so be cautious.
  Also, you may now walk out of the ethereal prison.
Fixed some problems with monsters casting the sysop ethereal chains spell.
Fixed the necro spell necromantic beam.

Song of discord is now level 1 and 1 mana.
Added a portal to Southwind Dale square.

Made Lost Wizard a little more interesting for all you 10-spelling cheaters. Enjoy!
Added a pawn shop to sell sidequest rewards (not align) where the deed shop is normally.
  The Guildmaster should give rewards again starting from the lowest level requirement,
  regardless of what quest he says you are on.
Magi blur and blur now cancel, as do shockshield and lightning shield. Upped magi blur
  by a fair bit.
Raised mana costs on some mid-level spells so they scale more properly.

Armageddon is now available at level 110 for mages, though it is still 140 for wizards.
Removed the missionary spell god's touch and made their quest spell divine intervention
  like templars; also made missionary healing usable by templars.
Fixed some buggy messages with mystic forms. Bard-affecting stat spells are somewhat
  buggy and will remain so unless I can figure out a way to make them display right
  and remove themselves upon recasting at the same time, since I'd rather see them
  effective than pretty.
Added potions of instant recall to the Southwind Dale temple. They will still fail if monsters
  are in the room, but can be used without a delay. The potions are lvl 100+ usable.
Renamed the duration spells on word of recall. You can stop being idiots about it now,
  even if you're 10-spelled it'll look like you're just failing over and over. Happy now?

Tweaked the level restrictions on some bard-2 spells.
You can now go back to bosses early in the 6th quests to view dialog again, if
  somehow one of our users got so wasted they forgot they were supposed to read. Never happen!
Fixed some problems with monsters casting neverending plague.
Tweaked several mystic powers slightly, to progress more steadily and logically.
Willpower is now Wisdom again.
Tweaked the rate on dark oceanids' poison gas attack.
Keys from oceanids now actually show as keys.
Removed that ear-biting leaf bound scroll, which does nothing, from shops.
Blood ritual/righteousness are now priest-2 like divine courage and unholy fanaticism.
Tweaked most of the mystic forms. They should also be negating properly now.
Fixed some bugs with monsters not attacking properly when hit with room spells.
  Yet again you're lucky I'm not deleting you, and you know who you are.
  I can't stand fucking cheaters, and pretty soon this is gonna get ugly.
Upped the exp on rakshasha sorcerors slightly.
Changed all stat-affecting spells so that they can be recast while they are on.
Tweaked some very low-level spells.

Tweaked several spells which were bugged in the legit game. Stone giant shamans
  and the chieftain's area spells now work correctly. Also fixed the room attack on
  oceanids (again, damn duplicated spell names).
Fixed some minor bugs with 6th quests which would cause problems with maxed-out
  inventories and rooms.
Fixed a bug with Poseidon's Crown quest.

Tweaked difficulty and exp on some monsters in Southwind Dale.
Raised the difficulty on sewer dragons.

Added a new roomer for mages.
Berzerk is now the higher-level version of frenzy. Corrected the level restrictions
  and prices on scrolls of battle cry, wicca fury, and berzerk.
Tweaked MR on dark oceanids and some other mobs. Also lowered exp on oceanids slightly
  more, and made their room attack actually work.

The altar of dawn will now remain in the room after desecrating it for the 5th evil quest.
Lowered exp on dark oceanids and increased damage slightly.
Lowered the difficulty on bashing some doors in the Obsidian Fortress.
Tweaked some shit with spells. I'm too tired and lazy to write it down right now, sorry.
Fixed the monster-cast ethereal chains so it no longer has 1% magebind.
Fixed the Necrolyte version of necromantic beam.
Gave Giant Bloodbear spellimmu and majorly lowered its MR. Sorry, but 27 successful sleeps in
  a row with one fail (not resist) is a bit much, even if it's a fluke.

Mages may now learn stealth and super stealth.
Downgraded Feyr and nightblack scythe's damage slightly.
Fixed some minor cosmetic bugs with the Obsidian Fortress.

Zanthus the Lich will now be summoned properly. Oops.
Lowered the difficulty of level 80 quest spells significantly.
Downgraded the black soul in the Blood Keep.
Downgraded the Kai Lord slightly.
Tweaked the key monsters for Poseidon's Crown quest.
Removed circlets of negation from the shop in Nazareen.
Fixed the portal to Dark Mage's room so he will regen properly.
Hopefully fixed the 'template' monsters still regening, if not let me know.
Upgraded all the level 80 quest-obtained healing spells.
Upgraded the Lost Wizard slightly.

Silvermere bank is no longer protected.
Fixed a few problems with Nahr's Castle.
Removed the max level limit on multicoloured staff.
Molecular agitation is no longer fully resistable.

Fixed a problem with the missionary quest shop.
Fixed a problem with the obsidian fortress.

Changed the name on the level 75 chain set, and upgraded the ac.
Removed stealth from wardancers and gave them combat-5. Happy now?
Changed chessboard pieces to be instant regen, but lowered exp on them.

Fixed the rest of the bugs with neutral 5th quest rewards. I can add, really. I swear it.
Removed the green beam from all prismatic beam effects.
Fixed a problem with some level 80 QW's that weren't working properly.
Lowered the % on the hit spell for Magiblade and Divinity Blade to correspond with other	
  level 80 questors.
Items in the ethereal prison will now be scattered to fallen angel's room.
Spectral Knight quest is no longer doable before the minimum level.
Priest-1 and 2 now receive protection from good and evil as well. How we went
  a month without that being brought up is beyond me, you people are slipping. :P
Tweaked zeal and natural prowess a bit, as well as their high-level counterparts.
Upgraded the DR on mageshield and mystical shield slightly.

Tweaked the stats on the 2nd align quest reward stones, since I just realized
  that the abilities for that quest are no longer automatically given to legit classes.
The King of Nazareen will now give elemental charms until you have finished the applicable
Switched blue wyvernhide and runed silk gear to level 75. Oops, should've been in
  yesterday's notes, sorry. :P

Fixed a bug with neutral mystics' 5th quest rewards.
Switched the name on crimson silk and majestic - majestic is now level 60, and crimson
  silk is level 75. This is only a cosmetic change, no one's stats will change.
Changed drops & drop rates on some monsters with level 60-75 armor sets.
Changed magic levels on many spells, mainly for ease of viewing with Explorer, but
  also gave wardancers two more mid-level spells.
Lowered damage slightly on some mid-level spells to go with the drop in combat accuracy.
Added level 75 suits for all armor types, most dropping from monsters as well as
  sold in shops.
Tweaked dark plague slightly - it will no longer give slowness, and the damage has been
  lowered a little.
Wererats will no longer regen with the dragons in lower sewers.

Displacer Beastlord will no longer regen in Shadowmere.
Made globe of restoration druid-2.
Lowered the summon elemental for grey druids to the same as the other druids' attacks.
Lowered speed on golden shortsword.
Reduced the level cap on wizards' dragonfire.
Items should now spill properly from the Champion of Blood's room (I hope). If not,
  then the code just sucks too much and I won't be able to fix it.
Fixed a small cosmetic error with recall.
Cure disease now cures all diseases.
Fixed the plague on mod9 monsters so it actually plagues you now.
Tweaked the range on greater mend slightly.
Upgraded regen and greater regen, gave greater regen to rangers as well.
Significantly reduced damage on Glabrezu.
Tweaked lower sewers difficulty.
Finished Poseidon's Crown quest, level 80 res.
Tweaked mana cost/damage for wizard's earthquake spell slightly.
Added angular key to the key shop.

Added a new druid/shaman spell, fiery skin.
Added a new level 70 soloable area, an extension of the rakshasha palace with two bosses.
Reduced the difficulty of dark oceanids.
Reduced the ac of Black Fort monsters somewhat.
Tweaked mid-level spell costs a bit, generally down.

Reduced the duration on dragoon sentry's sleep spell to 3 combat rounds.
Onyx earrings are usable by all casters now.
Redid monster exp so that tickdown spells will no longer cause problems.
Removed the black soul under night hag and replaced it with another boss.
Fixed the back exit to she-dragon. Again. I rock or something.
Tweaked regen in the Elemental Forest so that sneaking by is now difficult, but not impossible.
Dragonfang ninjato is now gettable.
Lowered the elemental resistance from sapphire ring, blizzardfang, and icehammer.

Tweaked 80th quest weapons slightly.
More ac tweaks.
Removed level 70-100 weapons from normal shops, and put them in the Elemental Forest shop.
Fixed the back exit to she-dragon.
Removed the roaming aggro mobs from Nazareen.
Major ac revamp on many mid-high level (60+) monsters. Be patient with me while this
  is tweaked, and I'll be patient with you, as I'm sure I didn't do a perfect job.
  Act otherwise and I'll do the same.
Fixed silverbark canoe.

Upgraded exp on the Elemental Forest druids, but some of them will also see hidden now.
Added a level 70 2-h drainer, laen greataxe.
Removed all items from the Dark Hut shop in Elemental Forest, to be revamped.
Obsidian captains now drop black scale shields as well as the rest of the set.
Dark giant warlock now drops shimmering chainmail.
Raised the speed on soulblighter slightly.
Colored wyverns now have a small (<1%) chance to drop colored wyvernhide eq.
Changed the class restrictions on soulblighter.
Upgraded cash drops on quickling mages, kai monks, and the Ancient Fortress wererats.
  Improved regen in the Ancient Fortress so it is now a good low-mid level scripting spot.
  Also upgraded cash on red and grey druids and dark giants.
Magi power is now usable by mages. Likewise for the other two casting types.
Lowered the rfir on red enameled scalemail and obsidian field plate.

Lowered dark wizard and dark bishop's spell damage slightly.
Upgraded majestic gear slightly.
Fixed a problem with Darken Beast Lord quest.
Added a low level maestro ac spell.
You will no longer be charged a toll from the portal to Southwind Dale unless you have a
  feather to get there.
Lowered mana cost on song of the quickling.

Tweaked difficulty of lower sewers again.
Lord of the Hunt will no longer regen in the chaotic vortex.
Tweaked the stats on dark gnome sentries and shamans.
Dark giant warlock should no longer regen in cyclops keep.
Upgraded HPs on most of the Nahrs.
Spirit Dagger of Goijar is magic-3 and will hit Gulgulthra now.
Lowered damage on the Lost Wizard's room spell significantly.
Added the nexus blade to the game as a level 70 bs weapon.
Fixed the wizard version of barkskin so it now caps as the others do.

Fixed brooch of safety so it no longer poofs on use.
Tweaked mana costs on 5th alignment quest spells.
Reduced the mana cost on gaia's wrath.
Made all quest cloaks 10 uses per day.
Tweaked weight on level 60 armor sets.
Removed the level restriction for walking to Newhaven.
Tweaked MR on Displacer Beastlord and massive black harpy again.
Made chaotic vortex dragoons placed monsters rather than roaming.
Upgraded skirts of flame slightly.
Added brooch of safety, a worn item that allows non-spellcasters to recall.
Added a 5 second delay after praying. This takes affect after being teleported out of
  the prayer chamber and back to Annora. Be careful, and watch for ambushes, as this
  is the length of a combat round.
Sys goto has been removed. If you needed release notes to learn this, kill yourself now
  and save the gene pool's lifeguard some effort.
Lowered Kai Master's attack speed slightly.
Tweaked Gnaj the Creator, gnaj golems, and gnaj zombies. Finished Gnaj's Prisoner quest.
Tweaked the accy/DR on cyclops .
Upgraded Fajar-Nezar's hp slightly.
Added low-mid level eyewear. Eyewear is not, and will not be, available in shops.
Upgraded rakshasha rajah's damage/exp.
Added MR to 5th WH questers to make up for loss from eq.
Began revamping mid-high (100+) level armor.
Began upgrading high level combat spells, none new created yet.
Made high level plate shields.
Raised exp on dark oceanids.
Finished tweaking lvl 80 quest items/armor.
Lowered difficulty on the first level of lower sewers, and increased it on the second level.
  There is another roaming boss on the second level, and wererats can regen with dragons now.
  Removed the level restriction on demonic dragon area and ruby dragon.

Increased the experience on Spectral Knight quest.
Fixed the dark plague on wererat general.
Added headwear to the level 60 silk set.
Added a new attack spell at level 67 for druids and shamans.
Added a song to remove buffs from themselves to bards, for training purposes.
HOD is now a universal trainer, in case people are retrained and can't move afterwards.
Tweaked lvl 80 quest weapons a bit, also changed 2h classes to receive 2h weapons.
Tweaked damage/speed on many high (70+) level weapons.
Upgraded glacial mist slightly.
Made sphere of confinement mage-2.
Upped the drop % on nexus spear and shining metallic robes from Lord of the Hunt.
Removed darkwood rings from blue tower and made them remove@maint. Also upped the drop %.
Tweaked the damage and energy on chaotic vortex dragoons.
Made shields through level 225 for chain/scale, plate coming.
Upgraded platinum plate gear, raised it to level 60, and put it in a shop.
Lowered or removed MR from many items. Replaced it with other stats, in many cases.
  If you feel a monster is doing unreasonable damage with spells for its level, and your
  MR is good for your level, please tell me so I can fix it.
Upgraded Mizzo the Lich's spell damage.
Restricted adult she-dragon to level 50 and below. If you haven't done the quest, you will
  still be able to get in the back way.

Added a message when you kill adult she-dragon and receive the flag for having done so.
  If you do not get this message when you kill her the first time, SOMEONE WAS 10-SPELLED.
  Don't argue it, we've tested this already.
Downgraded pagan's touch slightly.
Lowered the bs damage on crystal club, spear, and sword. Also removed them from shops.
Tweaked mutated dragons slightly.
Tweaked practice dummies since Drago can't seem to stop himself from killing them.
Tweaked monster difficulty/exp in the alderwood forest.
Level restricted the lower sewers (below the wererat sentry) to level 50+, and increased
  difficulty in the area. Wererat lord renamed and now roams, with some tweaks.
Increased mres and DR on Displacer Beastlord and massive black harpy.
Upped max damage on Magebane slightly.
Lowered the price on soulblade a bit.
Lowered regen and exp on faerie queen.
Tweaked some mana costs on low level spells.

Tweaked some lvl 10 questers, all the same price now.
Lowered skull staff to magic-2.
Lowered emerald-hilted ninjato to magic-4.
Tweaked the stats on all the dao gloves and some other samurai items. Also made sapphire
  bracers samurai-usable.
Tweaked the mres/accy on Black Fort bosses.
Added two new bosses in the tunnels under Ancient Ruins.
Changed Zanthus so that the portal randomly teleports you into his area.
Tweaked many 80th quest weapons slightly, mainly upgrades.
Unrestricted crimson silk equipment.
Made Guildmaster neutral, by popular demand.
Made fifth alignment weapons attached to you like the other quest rewards. All weigh 0.
Fixed first alignment quests so that you can no longer start them before level 10 or
  as the wrong align.
Changed the portal room so that it, and surrounding rooms, no longer 
  spawn the Mayor of Arlysia.
Changed the up exits in town squares of Naz, Arly, & Atlantis to portals, added portals
  in Rhu/Khaz/LC sys goto locations.
Tweaked blessed vision slightly to negate specific spells that cause darkness, rather
  than negating all spells that affect illu.
Downgraded sandstorm slightly: -999 illu rather than -9999.
Added potions of recall and the spell word of recall. These will only function if there
  are no monsters present, and will lag you for a full round before transporting you.
Tweaked level restrictions on all the rings of vital and moonstone rings.
Downgraded ancient willow slightly. Still annoying, but not as much.
Shout-out to Dragonbait/Fucking for revamping monster descs/death
  messages. Holla back, young'n.
Changed she-dragon quest to require that you kill she-dragon before getting the reward.
Started writing release notes. Yay or something.

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Re: MudRev Information

Post by DarkwoodBBS » Thu Mar 17, 2016 12:09 am

Mudrev Areas - Nazareen

Nazareen North
Area: Ashwood Forest
Description: dark gnome sentries and shamans, several bosses.
Location: Accessed through Rocky Trail or Pink Bunnies' Giant fork
Recommended Levels: 50+ (without bosses) or 75+ (with bosses)
Who scripts here: Backstabbers

Area: Obsidian Fortress
Description: obsidian witchunters
Location: Northwest of Ashwood Forest
Recommended Levels: 75+?
Who scripts here: tanks

Area: Granite Caverns
Description: zapsalis, hellion, fire wraith
Location: Basement of Obsidian Fortress
Recommended Levels: 75+
Who scripts here: any

Nazareen West
Area: Pink Bunnies
Description: pink bunnies
Location: Immediately west of Nazareen
Recommended Levels: 50-60, or 120+ with the Giant Pink Bunny fork included
Who scripts here: any

Area: Elemental Forest
Description: grey/red druids
Location: west of pink bunnies
Recommended Levels: 60+
Who scripts here: usually no one, maybe roomers

Area: Gleaming Caves
Description: fire and ice elementals
Location: west of Elemental Forest
Recommended Levels: none because the regen is too low to be worthwhile.
Who scripts here: nobody

Nazareen South
Area: Southwestern griffons
Description: red and black griffons
Location: Immediately south of naz
Recommended Levels: 50-75
Who scripts here: tanks

Area: Dark Forest
Description: Worthless. It justs connects to Wyvern cave.
Location: East of Southwestern Griffons
Recommended Levels: none
Who scripts here: nobody

Area: Wyvern Cave
Description: red, green, blue, black wyverns. Contains massive blue wyvern
Location: East of Dark Forest
Recommended Levels: 60+
Who scripts here: roomers in realms where areas are taken, people seeking black wyvernhide armor

Nazareen East
Area: Eastern Trail
Description: Pain in the ass with black rosebushes. Only used to connect to other areas.
Location: Immediately east of naz
Recommended Levels: n/a
Who scripts here: nobody

Area: Alderwood Forest
Description: black fanged spider, necromancer, skeletal spider
Location: Very close to naz, East at the first fork on the Eastern trail
Recommended Levels: 50-75
Who scripts here: not sure?

Area: Dark Castle
Description: vampire castle full of things that hit too hard for their exp. vampire dragonbat and vampire king are also here.
Location: Accessable through either the (poorly named) Northwestern trail that is southeast of Nazareen, or through the Eastern trail that is actually east of naz.
Recommended Levels: 75+
Who scripts here: roomers/nobody

Area: Valley of the Undead
Description: giant ogre zombies, hellion hounds, unholy wraiths
Location: East of the Eastern Trail
Recommended Levels: 50-65
Who scripts here: roomers

Area: Blood Keep
Description: Quest Knights, also contains 25 forks that are class-specific and include the items/spells that are powerful, class-specific, and level 80-restricted. Also contains the 100-220 trainer.
Location: East of Valley of the Undead
Recommended Levels: 80 (for the items), or any 60+ if you are just looking for a place to hide from people who want to attack you but aren't the same class as you.
Who scripts here: people who are scared

Area: Rocky Trail
Description: Single-spawn rooms of dread knight, gremlin shaman, dragoon scout, crimson wyvern, frost giant. Connects to several other areas.
Location: North of Eastern trail
Recommended Levels: 55+
Who scripts here: any

Area: Dragoon Encampment
Description: various dragoons
Location: North of Rocky Trail and the first area accessable through it after Ashwood Forest.
Recommended Levels: 55+?
Who scripts here: ???

Area: Breezy Aerie
Description: wyverns
Location: Northern end of Rocky Trail, east of Dragoon Encampment
Recommended Levels: 55+
Who scripts here: any

Area: Northeastern griffons (Rocky Plateau)
Description: red and black griffons
Location: Eastern end of Rocky Trail
Recommended Levels: 50-75
Who scripts here: tanks

Area: Ice Crystal Cavern
Description: frost giants, frost sorcs, frost hydras, contains ice wizard
Location: Eastern end of Rocky Trail
Recommended Levels: 60+ or 50+ with high rcol
Who scripts here: any

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Re: MudRev Information

Post by syntax » Thu Mar 17, 2016 6:47 am

This is awesome, thanks! I believe there are more areas too, right? Like southwind? Hopefully more people contribute as well.

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Re: MudRev Information

Post by DarkwoodBBS » Fri Mar 18, 2016 9:18 pm

Mudrev Areas - Southwind Dale

North of Southwind
Area: Shimmering Wasteland
Description: lairs with the vortex monsters, with spawns for three dragoon bosses. Lost Wizard spawns randomly and annihilates the unprepared.
Location: Accessed through the mind flayer's chaotic vortex in Black Wastelands/Vortex
Recommended Levels: n/a
Who scripts here: nobody (see description)

Area: Darken Castle
Description: dark minions and necromancers, also the Necrolyte Lord (7th quest finale) is here.
Location: Above Shimmering Wasteland
Recommended Levels: 100+ (or lower if the mudrev is edited to remove the Level 100 barrier in Shimmering Wasteland)
Who scripts here: any

Area: Dark Foothills
Description: mostly single-spawn of the same monsters found on Nazareen's Rocky Trail
Location: Connects Darken Castle to Southwind Dale
Recommended Levels: 100+
Who scripts here: any

Area: Shadowed Stronghold
Description: assassins
Location: West of Dark Foothills
Recommended Levels: 100+
Who scripts here: any

Area: Earthen Stronghold
Description: dragoons (way harder than the Nazareen ones)
Location: East of Dark Foothills, also connects with the stock mud near Commander Markus. Entrance into Dark Foothills requires Southwind Dale Feather
Recommended Levels: 140+
Who scripts here: roomers

East of Southwind
Area: Petrified Forest / Dread Forest
Description: lots of big dragons and other bosses are in corners of the forest, and some of the level 185 armor customs are here. Watch out for the rooms that spawn Dread Bishops / Death Mages.
Location: Immediately east of Southwind Dale
Recommended Levels: 100+ (if you avoid the death mages)
Who scripts here: any

Area: Ancient Castle
Description: vampire spirits/ghosts. Athos and Angelic Prisoner are here. Very small area.
Location: east of Dread Forest
Recommended Levels: 120+
Who scripts here: roomers

Area: Crystal Forest
Description: crystal guardians and crystalline spiders. Rylthen the Serene is here
Location: southeast of Dread Forest
Recommended Levels: 100+
Who scripts here: any, but usually people looking for the 150/185 Silk or Chain armor

South of Southwind
Area: Dark Jungle
Description: enigmas, kai warriors, occult demons. Several tough bosses also spawn in corners.
Location: Immediately south of Southwind Dale
Recommended Levels: 100+
Who scripts here: any

Area: Black Quagmire
Description: dracoliches and other really tough random spawns. Also three very strong bosses.
Location: Up from the eastern part of Dark Jungle
Recommended Levels: 150+
Who scripts here: any

Area: Sandy Beach
Description: relatively weak monsters
Location: South of Dark Jungle
Recommended Levels: 100
Who scripts here: roomers

West of Southwind
Area: Barren Fields
Description: dread bishops and death mages
Location: Immediately west of Southwind Dale
Recommended Levels: 150+ or higher if alone or without roomers
Who scripts here: brave or stupid people

Area: Western Plains
Description: enigma, dao shaman, gremlin shaman. Some top-tier bosses are here like Wicca Overlord/Necromancer
Location: west of barren fields
Recommended Levels: 120+
Who scripts here: any but usually roomers due to the 5-spawn rooms

Area: Gloomy Basin
Description: grey assassins and green basalisks
Location: north of western plains
Recommended Levels: 100+
Who scripts here: any

Area: Gloomy Mountain
Description: young titans, starmetal giants, war beasts
Location: north of Gloomy Basin
Recommended Levels: 100+
Who scripts here: any

Area: Ancient Cave
Description: pain in the ass monsters who cast mystic mist, also Atlas
Location: down from the northern part of Gloomy Mountain
Recommended Levels: 150+
Who scripts here: masochistics

Area: Arctic Cavern
Description: frost beasts, icebane wraith, massive white dragons
Location: north of Gloomy mountain
Recommended Levels: 120+
Who scripts here: any on the perimeter, roomers in the center

Area: Dismagi Cavern
Description: dismagi witchunters, Antimagic is applied to the entire zone.
Location: west of western plains
Recommended levels: 150+
Who scripts here: not casters (see description)

Area: Fields of Kon'Fehr
Description: kon'fehr witchunters and mages. Dark Bishop also spawns in a few places here.
Location: west of dismagi cavern
Recommended Levels: 150+
Who scripts here: ?? Roomers?

Area: Esoteric Cavern
Description: quickling martyrs, lissom samurai. Lissom Overlord is here and one of the hardest bosses in game
Location: north of fields of Kon'Fehr
Recommended Levels: 150+
Who scripts here: any

Area: Kon'Fehr Keep
Description: Kon'Fehr dudes and a few bosses
Location: northwest of fields of Kon'fehr
Recommended Levels: 120+
Who scripts here: ?? roomers?

Area: Dreary Forest
Description: dracoliches. Biggest of the bads Lord Magnus spawns here too.
Location: west of fields of Kon'Fehr
Recommended Levels: 180+
Who scripts here: roomers

Area: Ancestral Cave
Description: same random spawn as Black Quagmire, lots and lots of bosses in the dead ends.
Location: south of Dreary Forest
Recommended Levels: 150+
Who scripts here: any

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Re: MudRev Information

Post by syntax » Fri Mar 18, 2016 9:45 pm


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Re: MudRev Information

Post by apathy » Sat May 21, 2016 8:56 am

The question I never got answered: How do you get to Southwind for the first time?

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Re: MudRev Information

Post by syntax » Sat May 21, 2016 10:42 am

apathy wrote:The question I never got answered: How do you get to Southwind for the first time?
I see this in a release note:
Song of discord is now level 1 and 1 mana.
Added a portal to Southwind Dale square.

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Re: MudRev Information

Post by apathy » Sat May 21, 2016 12:47 pm

To get there via the portal you need to visit it first and purchase a Southwind Dale Feather.

Turns out, it goes like this:
  1. Go to Mind Flayer Magus's room
  2. Go portal
  3. Use black skull key up (from black soul), then go up
  4. Exit the castle and use MME to walk S for awhile, and you're there.
I'll path it and we can add it to the MudRev paths

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