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Discussion on running your own board and editing MajorMUD.
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Re: Setting up a new board

Post by BearFather »

Yes the mud codes are based off the bbs codes. So will need to reg WG first then can generate mud codes.

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Re: Setting up a new board

Post by MiOw »

Yes, a bad reg code for MMUD in the BBS settings, security and account if I remember right(?), will present the issue your experiencing. As for the WG code, I forget it’s limitations, but I always prefer entering it during install.

Once you have a working set I suggest saving them all in a .txt file. This makes re-installing a breeze, though now I just re-use my baseline .zip file of my WG folder.

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Re: Setting up a new board

Post by synacktic »

I've been testing with WG2 (DOS) and I got a license violation error, what needs to be replaced / changed to fix that? Like which files does it keep track of that being an issue?

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