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Other Utilities

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  • Blood 2 HTML

    Blood 2 HTML is a program that will take a text capture file and color code it. It then turns it into either an HTML file or a file for posting in forums.
    Blood 2 HTML v2.3.0.10
    (203.06 KiB) Downloaded 3006 times
  • LLT Exp Calculator

    The LLT Exp Calculator is another creation by Locke Cole. It accurately determines how much experience a character would need to level. It also has a number of other features like determining about how much mana, HPs, mana regen, and encumberance you would have depending on your level and stats. NOTE: the encumberance calc on this is off. it's still on the old 48 encum. per 1 strength.
    LLT Exp Calc v1.02
    (308.6 KiB) Downloaded 2725 times

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