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Database Viewers/Utilities

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  • MMUD Explorer

    MMUD Explorer is a database viewer created by syntax53. It has a unique comparing feature which allows you to easily compare weapons, armour, and spells. It also has a graphical room explorer in which you can 'walk' around the realm. Other features include an inventory calculator, exp calculator, saving/loading characters, copying data to and from the clipboard, and of course explorers for: monsters, shops, weapons, armour, spells, items, races, and classes. It does NOT require the real MajorMUD databases.

    Go to the MMUD Explorer section
  • MMView

    MMVIEW is a database viewing program created by Locke Cole. It has awesome features like building dynamic maps and executing textblock code ... not to mention viewing the databases.
    It requires the actual MajorMUD *.VIR files.

    View the release notes (open with wordpad or similar)
    MMVIEW v4.02.0.1175 for the NT dats
    (602.13 KiB) Downloaded 4613 times
    MMVIEW for the DOS dats
    (595.14 KiB) Downloaded 4283 times
  • TurboDB

    TurboDB, created by Drakkhen and Turbo, is a utility for browsing the stats of items and spells. It includes an inventory calculator for planning your inventory and a few other tools like a swing calculator, average damage calculator, and a mana regen calculator. It does not require the MajorMUD databases.
    TurboDB v1.2.0.48 for MajorMUD v1.11o
    (329.47 KiB) Downloaded 2528 times
    TurboDB v1.2.0.48 for MajorMUD v1.11n
    (337.85 KiB) Downloaded 2166 times
    TurboDB v1.2.0.29 for MajorMUD v1.11m
    (330.92 KiB) Downloaded 2112 times
    TurboDB v1.2.0.27 for MajorMUD v1.11k
    (332.63 KiB) Downloaded 2080 times
    TurboDB v1.2.0.2 for MajorMUD v1.11i
    (313.25 KiB) Downloaded 2177 times

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