Adult Red Dragon Quest (aka Adult She-Dragon)

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Adult Red Dragon Quest (aka Adult She-Dragon)

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From MMB:
  1. Get a Megma Amulet.
  2. Find and kill the Adult Red She-Dragon.
  3. Type TOUCH RUBY once everything is dead in that room.

    You will get +1 to Crits
From MudVille:
  1. Gather Greater Hellhound hides in the Lavas
  2. Take them to Dhelvanen in the Fungus Forest
  3. Back to the Lavas
  4. Move the Boulder
  5. Carefully stalk and kill the Adult She-Dragon
  6. Touch the ruby in the room after her death

    Your reward is +2 Spellcasting and +1 Critical Hits, on top of the experience and treasure she drops.
From MudCentral:
  • Go to the lava fields (east of the cracked plain which is east of the north part of the fungus forest). You will need to kill greater hellhounds until one drops a greater hellhound hide. Take this to Dhelvanen (under the waterfall, which is on the northwest side of the southern fungus forest, GO WATERFALL to get in) and give it to him. He will give you a magma amulet which allows you to enter the hot areas of the lava fields. One hot area on the east side has a giant lava pool. Find this and MOVE BOULDER. Quickly run to the east wall of the lava fields and you will see a secret passage opened. This leads to the dragon area. The she-dragon is at the end of quite a long maze of rooms on the east side. Enter at your own peril! She will claw you for big damage and breathe dragonfire for up to 200 as well as muddling your mind. Bring the whole BBS if you hope to take her out!

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