Blood Champ/Bishop Quest

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Blood Champ/Bishop Quest

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>>corrections: you no longer get any enhancements from the blood champ when you "touch altar." you get the exp and +3 acc when you return the chalice to the bishop.

After getting the chalice, go to the bishop and type, "ask bishop return".

From MudVille:
  • The story behind this one is that the Champion of Blood and his faithful sidekick, the Greater Hellion, have stolen a golden chalice from the Bishop of Silvermere. The Bishop will reward any player who returns the chalice to him.
  • Kill the Champion of Blood and the Greater Hellion in the Black Fortress
  • Retrieve the Golden Chalice
  • Return the Golden Chalice to the Bishop in the temple in Silvermere.
  • He, in turn will give you a jade amulet (cure poison) and a pair of white satin gloves (Good aligned players, casts MAHE 3 times a day.

    (Hint here... the amulet can be sold right there at the bishop, and the white satin gloves can be sold in the junkyard.)
From MudCentral:
  • No, it's not as simple as it seems. Don't gather a group of level 6 guys and go kill the shadowy healer thinking you have solved the bishop's quest...
  • To complete the bishop's quest, you must find the golden chalice and return it to the bishop. The problem is, to get the chalice you must kill the Champion of Blood. When he dies, a greater hellion bursts forth from his corpse. This is one nasty dude. Expect to take a group of half a dozen level 20 or so characters to polish him off. If you kill him, he will drop the chalice and a glowing red amulet.
  • Take the chalice to the bishop who will give you a jade amulet (casts cure poison) and white satin gloves (casts major healing) for your trouble. The glowing red amulet opens a room north of the dark wizard which contains a massive chest which drops boatloads of cash and some cool items.

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Re: Blood Champ/Bishop Quest

Post by GingoGumbo »

Is this a repeatable quest?


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Re: Blood Champ/Bishop Quest

Post by BearFather »

Nope, done once and that's it.

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Re: Blood Champ/Bishop Quest

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To clarify further, it is repeatable in the sense that you can take another chalice and turn it in for more items. You don't get repeated exp, though. It's just a way to recover the lost items.

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