Fresh New Board EntConn going live tonight!!

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Fresh New Board EntConn going live tonight!!

Post by Prime » Sun Sep 01, 2019 7:18 pm

Yo MMuders, I'm launching a new board later today called EntConn. I'm hoping to have it up by 10:00 pm MST. I know it's sudden notice.

This is separate from EntConn2. It's hosted on AWS so there shouldn't be issues with downtime except for the occasional edits but that will be limited since I do live updates successfully without issues and also Windows updates but that will be limited since I'm using Windows Server and have automatic installs turned off. There will be two realms. One is PVP and the other is Non-PVP. Here are more details:

Port: 23
3 char limit in both realms (same person can have 3 chars in PVP realm and 3 chars in Non-PVP Realm). I will be watching this.

PVP realm:

Stock - no edits
Death: -25
Max Level difference for PVP: 6

Rules for limited items:
No hoarding as in don't keeping them on inactive characters. They will be stripped after two weeks of no playing. If you leave for vacation let me know so I can make an exception but need firm date of when you're coming back. If not back by the date then two week rule comes into play.
Also, limiteds are not allowed in Gang Houses. If I see this I will give warning and ask about it. If I get no response within 48 hours I will take them. You've been warned.

Non-PVP Realm:

No lims
Exp: 2x
Death: -20,000
Stats: +20 stats
Gjr at giovanni
Sys gotos
Sys map
Mudbot: changing alignment & check if boss is home
HOD is a healing room
Mods: Fighter glasses, Change 5th quest, and others

I will also have additional areas and rooms for scripting spots. I am also open to suggestions for edits within reason. Don't want to over power chars and game becomes boring.

I am looking to run this board long term and it not be one of those boards where it's up for a few months and never comes back. I'm in this for the long haul.

Let's have some fun and get lots of people connecting.

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Re: Fresh New Board EntConn going live tonight!!

Post by Moeman79 » Thu Oct 31, 2019 11:20 pm

This was a pretty good BBS, but the sysop hasn't been around in weeks and I think it has finally gone off line. If it is back up I will edit this post. Sucks it was getting fairly large.

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Re: Fresh New Board EntConn going live tonight!!

Post by Lucid337 » Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:31 pm

Agreed. This was a good board.

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