** NEW ** Shadow Realm BBS Opens April 26th @ 2pm EST

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** NEW ** Shadow Realm BBS Opens April 26th @ 2pm EST

Post by flashenator » Fri Apr 19, 2019 9:41 am

** NEW ** Shadow Realm BBS Opens April 26th @ 2pm EST

Shadow Realm BBS is a spin on MajorMUD that focuses on stealth and magic classes! All plate/scale classes and armour have been removed. Stealth and magic classes have been enhanced to make each class scale more evenly.


( get full details at http://www.shadowrealmbbs.com )

- Limit 2 characters per person

- 10 level PVP range

- All stealth classes gain +25 min/max bs damage

- No SYS commands or gold jeweled rings

- Only house guardians can see hidden, improving DP retrieval and freedom of movement

- Silverwood forest (woodelves) now lawful evil (like dark monks)

- Gypsy & Missionary have combat-3

- Thief has an additional +50 max bs damage

- All Magic-3 classes' mana regen spells improved

- Priestly auras, Mage mageshield, and Druid regeneration spells improved

- All level 10 class weapons loyal and unlimited

- Item drops no longer guaranteed first-kill

- All limit-1 items are now limit-3

- Max boss regen time is 24 hours

- Full list of changes available at http://www.shadowrealmbbs.com

- MME Dat available at http://www.shadowrealmbbs.com/Shadow-Realm.mdb

- Nightly cloud-based backups

Come explore the Shadow Realm with us!

Launching Friday, April 26th @ 2pm EST

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