BoinkMachine has 2 NEW Freshly reset realms

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BoinkMachine has 2 NEW Freshly reset realms

Post by Kraklaha » Tue Mar 26, 2019 10:16 pm

Boinkmachine. ddns. net (without the spaces of course)

I just added 2 freshly reset realms today. 1 PVE completely stock realm (except no limited items) and 1 unlimited PVP edited realm. Both have a 2 character limit.

This is in addition to the edited PVE realm and the stock PVP realm already running.

Option M: BoinkMachine Edited PVE Realm with no limited items, new areas, edited exp, max level 200.
Option P (Freshly reset): BoinkMachine Edited PVP Realm with access to sys list limited, same edits as above, but with limits on certain items
Option 1: Stock PVP Realm with 10 level pvp and pvphangup penalties
Option 2 (Freshly reset): Stock PVE Realm with no limited items (silly to have limited items when you can't kill other people to get the limited items you want)

For files or chat, please join us on Discord!

You can also refer to other posts by myself that have attached files for paths or MME

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