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MajorMUD Editing

Post by Kraklaha » Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:27 am

What is the best way to know what all map numbers and room numbers are used already?

I want to start remapping some places as well as creating new areas and I couldn't quite remember what I used to do before to know what room numbers were used already as well as choosing what map numbers are best to use based on various factors as well as limitations on room numbers and how high to go within a given map number.

I know there used to be a post on this years ago on MMB. I seem to remember some glitches or something that would occur. I mean, i'm sure there is a reason why they didn't just put everything on the same map number LOL...

Any help would be appreciated so I can do this as smoothly as possible.

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Re: MajorMUD Editing

Post by BearFather » Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:35 am

One reason for the map numbers is separating mods, certain maps are locked out unless you pay for that mod. Another reason is separate the areas, mobs can't cross map numbers.

My method for using maps, is I use whatever map the area I'm connecting too. But then again I'm lazy.

You can use nightmare and search for last room on a map to find the ending of the map. But big blank areas between room numbers can give you a false end room. Best to run insert buffer rooms command first before finding the last one. Speaking of buffer rooms, if you looking for a small area to add on a map sometimes you can use a group of buffer rooms to wedge that area in the middle of the map.

With all that said some maps have weird behaviors when used, I think map 5 and 10 have weird behavior but my memory is full of bong resin so don't quote those map numbers. Maybe someone else can pipe up too.

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