lostways bbs reset

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lostways bbs reset

Post by Bloodrock » Tue Feb 05, 2019 8:42 am

lostways bbs will be resetting both realms on April 27 2019
many changes and additions to realm 1 yet some areas are the same lots more quests in new realm 1
a mme and paths for the new realm 1 is on my website listed as testrealm right now anton1955.wix.com/lostwaysbbs
the testrealm is open via menu option 3 it is a copy of main bbs so when choosing option 3 it will take you to another bbs just use same exact name used on main bbs
for megamud only 1 set of mees/resp is needed

thanks hope to see you all at reset.
Anton the syssyop

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