The Evil / Legal System (Alignment)

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The Evil / Legal System (Alignment)

Post by MiOw » Sun Feb 03, 2019 3:27 pm

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MajorMUD controls the users by giving evil points for actions which are considered 'bad'. As these evil points accumulate on a user they will start to be punished by the game. This starts by allowing other users to attack them without penalty. It then progresses to having guards attack them on site. After that, bounty-hunters and other monsters will be generated with the specific purpose of attacking the user. After that the gods will begin to punish them by striking them with lightning. You may use the online sysop commands to alter a user's evil level and thereby alter the way the game will treat that user.

When a user first creates a character they get the chance to choose to be a 'lawful' character. If they make this choice then they are forever banned from instigating any action which would give them evil points. Anyone attacking them is also given a larger number of evil points than for a normal attack. Although a user may not change the state of their original decision regarding lawfulness without rerolling, you may use the online sysop god commands to alter this state.

You can configure the rate at which users lose evil points using the CNF options MAXEPDAY, EPCYCLE, and EPAMOUNT. At cleanup, any user who has played the game and who has done any evil actions will have their evil points reduced by 2 evil points. Any user who has played the game without any evil action will have their evil points reduced by 3 plus the following formula:
(EPAMOUNT * (minutes played in game that day/EPCYCLE))

The total number of evil points that will be forgiven are based on the value of MAXEPDAY. Note also that when moving from neutral towards GOOD or SAINT (i.e. current evil points < 0) that the base of 2 evil points does not apply (in other words, subtract 2 from the number of evil points about to be forgiven and that is how much closer to GOOD/SAINT the user will get).
For reference points, the following define the evil point ranges which correspond to the reputation shown in the game. The (EPs) shown in brackets indicate the results of attacking someone of that reputation.

-220 <= Saint < -200 (EP * 2)
-200 <= Good < -50 (EP * 2)
-50 <= Neutral < 30
30 <= Seedy < 40 (No EP )
40 <= Outlaw < 80 (No EP; Guards attack until you are down)
80 <= Criminal < 120 (No EP; Guards attack until you die)
120 <= Villain < 210 (No EP; Above plus bounty hunters attack you)
210 <= Fiend < 300 (No EP; Above plus gods hit you with lightning)

Over 300 EPs, a fiend that cannot attack again until they go back down to less than 300.

** NOTE ** DO NOT adjust any evil point values (either CNF or online) unless you know what you are doing. Use the SYSOP LIST USERS command to see what the current evil levels of your users are and use that to guide you in these settings. Neither West Coast Creations nor the staff or close-to-staff members of Dreamscape BBS will provide any guidance on setting these aside from pointing you back to the default values. Settings which are incorrect -for-your-system- may result in your users quitting the game due to other users taking advantage of them.

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