Codered BBS Reset

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Codered BBS Reset

Post by Ravyn » Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:53 pm

Codered BBS will be resetting on Tues, Jan 8th 2019 @ 6pm PST, For those of you who havent played, it is a unique edits bbs based off stock mud, which i have worked on now for almost 10 years, very carefully to preserve a "stock mud feel" as a continuation of where the stock mud creators left off, a true mod10+mod11 etc, it is not as wildly edited as MudREV, the edits are VERY WELL thought out gearing towards balance and as said a continuation of... every class is now playable with unique things, in addition to that there are 5 new classes, 3 new races, 3 new high-level ganghouses, dozens of new quests, 600+ new spells, 800+ new items, 10,000+ new rooms, two new towns, many many new script loops some low/mid level, tons of high level, almost all paths and new loops are written for you already. Many new limited items, both semi and very rare, sets of items, self-craftable items via blacksmithing skills, game-craftable items, charms not needed to be worn but kept in inventory for bonuses. Ganghouse emblems do not need to be worn to get the bonus. PVP is enabled but co-op is highly encouraged, this is NOT a pvp dominant realm. You have to be a real dick to get killed here. Don't come if all you want to do is PVP others. Many including myself consider this to be the best edited board online, no offense to my other sysop friends. If you are getting bored with stock mud and want something more, but want to maintain that stock mud feel with tons of new content, THIS IS YOUR PLACE. Come ask the other players for the last 10 years in our facebook group if you don't believe me.

2 chars per ip, STRICTLY enforced.
death -250, later on in game will become -400
pvp +/- 15 levels but the realm is based off co-op

We have a facebook group you can search "codered bbs" to ask questions of previous players etc. I will post the board data with dats, paths, readme etc. please see the readme first for overview of everything.

the board address is "coderedmud.servegame .com" port 2323, no space in address....

PS we also l have weekly "summons parties" for huge huge exp with most players showing up, sometimes "labyrinth runs" with big prizes, lots of events to keep people getting together.

We also have Tele-Arena gold with enhanced boss regen, TLord, and Farwest Trivia.
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