PartyMUD PVP Realm Launch 11-24-18 6PM Central

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PartyMUD PVP Realm Launch 11-24-18 6PM Central

Post by Bonkers » Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:55 am

PartyMUD (PVP Realm)

Launch Date: 11-24-18 @ 6PM (Central) Saturday!!
You may log in now to create accounts.

Death at -20 HPs
No Hang Penalty
16 levels of experience allowed before training
+/-10 levels for PVP

2 Accounts Only. (3rd account with proof of 3rd nipple.)
No access to mud until accounts approved by OP. (Cash only bribes, please.)
Identity verified via Facebook. (Verification via Grindr was considered.)
Message me your account names. (No dick pics.)
Some questions will be asked during the approval process. (EX: What is your bra size?)
Your answer will receive points but the points don't matter. (Whose line is it anyway?)
For updates/information join PartyMUD group on Facebook. (First posted to Myspace.)
Board is in the cloud. (Because everything is better when high)
I will be playing in the realm. (Bonkers/Godlywuss)
My playing accounts will not have OP powers. (Except the power of grayskull)
I will not get butthurt and implode the game. (I'll just fuck your mom.)

Adjustments to this realm:

10,000 gang experience needed to purchase ganghouse
Every limited item in the game may be sold (not purchased) in Junkyard
Fixed Labyrinth rooms
Suprise Rounds fixed
Lyricists Companion spell fixed
Golden Chalice Quest Accuracy fixed
Mummy no longer drops rings
Orc-heads and severed head of Markus will not remove from user at cleanup
Town Guards, Sheriff Lionheart, and Lord of the Hunt no longer see hidden
Quest cloaks, Sunstone wristband, Phoenix Feather destroyed on reroll
All masks moved from Ears slot to Face slot
Fixed Spells: 326, 387, 538, 766, 772, 895, 1203, 1229, and 1319.

I hope to see you all there!

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