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News & Announcements

Post by lucid2310 » Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:50 pm

Any news or recent announcements will be added to this thread.

  • The direction changed on the content usage, I was going to use a MySQL server and at some point, it may become an option to the SysOps.
    The content files for the Remud server will be the *.Dat files, this preserves the use of applications like Nightmare Redux and MMUD Explorer.
  • The game is outlined from the decompiled source code. This means, I have taken all the method calls in the wccmmud.dll and created a placeholder in the C# code. There are about 500 of them!
    I have been using a combination of Snowman, IDA PRO, and Binary Ninja to piece together a somewhat coherent picture of the majormud source from the wccmmud.dll. In some cases, this won't be a 1:1 translation as the mud code relied heavily on pointers and pointer arithmetic. The idea is to capture the intention of the logic from C++ to C#.
Here a quick example of the translated code:

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Re: News & Announcements

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