Not Quite Immortal BBS - Opening 07/15/18

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Not Quite Immortal BBS - Opening 07/15/18

Post by Sprawl » Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:04 pm

Telnet Address -

Discord Channel -

MajorMud - Version 1.11p

AWS with nightly backups at 10pm EST

Max Characters: No limit just be reasonable (NO Holders)

Limited Items List Posted on Discord

Active Sysop/MudOp/Developer

Weekly Floor Coin Sweeps

PvP +/- 5 Levels

Death -30

Level Stack 16

Gold Jeweled Rings Awarded at Level 45

Sysop/MudOp with @home Commands for All Users to Use

No SYS Commands

Rope and Grapple Set to 0 weight and loyal

Bugs Fixed:

Fixed Bard Cloak Bug

Fixed Shop Markup %

Fixed Guards/Templars/Sheriff Seeing Hidden

Fixed Labyrinth Rooms


Added 400 rooms for level 65-75+ Scripting Areas

Added 7 New Bosses

Added 1 New Trainer 75+

Added WarMonger Class - Warrior/Mage

Added Seasonal Gear for Each Class - 5 Piece Set - Update will be coming soon

Added 500 rooms for level 65+ Scripting Areas - Update will be coming soon

1 Rare Seasonal Accessory - Update will be coming soon

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