HaxxordBBS relaunch with unique edits.

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HaxxordBBS relaunch with unique edits.

Post by Haxxord » Sun Jun 03, 2018 1:04 am

bbs.haxxord.com port 23

This board is edited and will change the fundamentals of how you play and progress. Most items are Delete at Cleanup (D@C). If the item is in your inventory there is nothing to worry about. That means if you want the item, pick it up, give it to someone, sell to junkyard, or put it a gang house. If it is on the ground at cleanup it will be erased. If you die right before cleanup and lose everything, so sorry! This will help keep the realm clean and promote a coin based economy. PVP is encouraged. Play within the rules of the game and you will be fine. Cheaters/Exploiters/People who use bugs will be delt with. If you want to play an easy MUD go elsewhere.

Dupes allowed, as many as you want. Limit yourself to 3 connected at once.
PVP Enabled 20 levels
Death -30
100 level max
Buy life 1 runic (plus menu)
No limited items
Sys map available

Avatar in Town Square
@home for boss info
Will do alignment changes and provide retrain (if in the same room)
salute Avatar = Good
tiphat Avatar = Neutral
bird Avatar = Evil
Give 10 runic to Avatar = retrain

With D@C invoked, I tweaked some items to make them more accessible, less clunky, and more useful.

GJR @ curio
Golden Broadsword = Magic2
White Satin Gloves = wearable by all
Black velvet Gloves = wearable by all
Silvery Mace = Magic2 no alignment requirement
Mithril Dwarven Axe = no race restriction
Rosewood Staff = Magic2
Adamantite Ring = Minlevel 10
Glowing Broadsword = Magic2
Glowing Warhammer = Magic2
Adamantite Ninjato = magic3
Rainbow Stone = No class restrictions
Laen Longsword = changed from evil to notgood
Mithril Executioners Axe = hitmagic5
Nightblack Scyth = removed curse/nodrop now robable
SWord of OZ = removed cruse/nodrop now robable
Barbed circlet = removed curse/nodrop
Meteorite rod = no class restrictions (still blunt/mace restricted)
Death Shroud = removed curse/nodrop now robable
Scarlet doublet = remove evil requirement
Bleeding main gauche = remove nodrop (still cursed after wearing)
Copper Cross = now worn, removed class restrictions. (good only)
Burning staff = usable by mage/priest (only druids can get them)
Ice crystal staff = usable by mage/priest (only druids can get them)
Copperwood staff = usable by mage/priest (only druids can get them)
Runed petrified staff = usable by mage/priest (only druids can get them)
Masks are worn on face.
Rope and grapple, torches, lanterns, moon-lamps and some keys are loyal.
Skiffs and log rafts do not delete on cleanup.
Chests will not be deleted on cleanup.
Cloak shop sells padded gear.
All shops stock items faster.
Many items in shops are cheaper

D@C will create an environment where there is not stuff laying around everywhere.
Blunt items shop sells 5 kinds of clubs. They are free and better than naked.
Oak club = lvl1 +1 hitmagic
Darkwood club = lvl10 +2 hitmagic
Silverwood club = lvl20 +3 hitmagic
Blackwood club = lvl30 +4 hitmagic
Vortex club = lvl40 +5 hitmagic

No boss has a higher than 24 hour regen time. If it was above 24 hours, it is now 24 hours. If it was already below 24 there is no change.
All item drops are set to minimum 35%

Junkyard shops will stock the rare items you sell to them for resell.
Want something special without killing a boss? Check the junkyard! If there are items I should add to the junkyard let me know.

POTIONS - I have always hated the potions system in this game, so I put a little time into it to hopefully make it more entertaining and useful. I revamped all potions and placed some new ones. They should be VERY useful in both boss killing and PVP.
POTION SHOP = 3W, 1N of Town square.
Potions are named clearly as to what they are.
Look at the potion to receive it's specific bonuses.
Some potions have level limits to keep balance intergerity.

Increased max stats (around 50%)

Removed Halfling negative hp "bonus"
Orcs nightvision +25

Small tweaks to classes in hopes of creating both balance and interest in pvp.
Each casting class has been moved up 1 cast level for increased mana and regen.
All spells have been moved up 1 cast level to correspond with increase.

Paladins have increased movement speed (non combat) and Priest2
Clerics can learn iron faith, greater healing rain, increased encumbrance, and Priest3
Warriors have dark war paint (newhaven). +HP regen, +counterattack, use: freedom (5x day).
Ninjas have blackout lens (newhaven). +illuminate, +perception, use: see hidden (5x day)
Mystic powers have higher lvl gain cap for longer duration
Bard can wear chainmail and Bard3
Missionary can wear chainmail, have thievery, Priest3
Gypsys are combat 3, +20 thievery, Mage3
Thiefs are combat 3, +20 thievery
Warlocks can use all weapons/main gauche, Mage3
Rangers can detect/disarm traps, Druid2
Witchunters have crimson goggles (newhaven) use: dispel magic on self (5x day) and tracking
Mage start with meditation and Mage4
Priest Start with meditation and Priest4
Druid start with meditation and Druid4

Quest Boss auto-summon.
I have created a solution to "waiting to quest" due to people killing boss mobs for exp/loot only.
In boss rooms you will see a "small silver bell"
Ring bell to summon quest Boss. He grants no experience, drops no coin, and only provides quest flags and drops quest related items. As a result, all quest items are worth 0 copper. You can still sell them to stock a shop if you wish.
Ring bell in level 10 spirit trainer room to get your quest weapon.
Apparatus is always available.

Upped the coin drop a little on some lower level mobs. In a coin based economy, some lower lvl mobs that didn't drop coin do now in an attempt to gain at least a little cash regardless where you are collecting.

With that, you still have some fast transport options. I hate realms with PVP and sys gotos, or sys goto in general - but like the idea of fast transport when needed. Hopefully this does the trick.

There is a new shop in town called the Travel Shop. it is 5E and 1S of Town Square. There, you can purchase codec. Ofero carries them as well.
Each codec will transport you to the town's bank.
Use: read codec of Silvermere
codec of Silvermere - lvl1+
codec of Khazarad - lvl1+
codec of Rhudaur - lvl10+
codec of Lost City - lvl30+
codec of Arlysia - lvl40+
Portal mechanics:
First read the codec. This summons a portal. The portal stuns you for 3 rounds while it "sucks you in". If the portal is still in the room after 3 rounds, you will be teleported to your city of choice. You can use the portals when there are mobs and other players in the room. During those 3 rounds monsters and players can attack you but they will not interrupt you and you will be teleported after 3 rounds regardless of you condition (other than dead). If the portal is destroyed before the 3 rounds are up, the spell will fail and you will not be teleported. There is also a chance the portal will vaporize before the 3 rounds are up thus causing the spell to fail. The portal will hang out for a small period after you use it so other players have a chance to find you if you were fleeing.

Traveling around Blackwood can be painful, especially if you are retrieving gear. D@C makes it even more difficult without stuff laying around. I have created a Ferry system that will help you get around Blackwood a little easier.
Cost is 10 platinum for ferry service.
From Arlysia, City Docks:
command: ferry west = Crystal lake, Inlet
command: ferry south = Southern Dock
Crystal lake, Inlet
command: ferry east = Arlysia, City Docks
command: ferry south = Southern Dock
Southern Dock:
command: ferry east = Arlysia, City Docks
command: ferry west = Crystal lake, Inlet
To avoid fleeing PVP, the same mechanics are in place as the codec. For 3 rounds, you will be stuck "boarding the ferry for transport". After 3 rounds, you will be transported to your destination. Once started, you can't stop it or be interrupted.

D@C many leave you naked with no gear avaliable. Getting your gear back from the top of the mountain might be difficult if not impossible. I have created a fast travel to the top of the mountain.
In the Lost City, find the Wyvern Trainer at the end of the "Well lit alley" (sys goto location).
The cost is 1 runic.
Command: fly wyvern
To avoid fleeing PVP, the same mechanics are in place as the codec. For 3 rounds, you will be stuck preparing the Wyvern for flight or whatever. After 3 rounds, you will be teleported to the top of the mountain. Once started, you can't stop it or be interrupted.

Cranked up Regen
I will be enahncing regen in many areas to try to provide people with scripting options. Some areas should now be able to handle 2+ people easily.
So far:
Added 2 more newhaven arena rooms
Added 2 more instant cave worm regens
Ancient Crypt
Wooden Passages
Slimy Sewers
Strange mansion
Gnoll encampment
Orc Mansion
Bandit Keep
Torchlit caverns
Earthen mound

Fixed bard cloak bug
Fixed Ofero Shop bug
Fixed gang room descriptions
Town guards can not see hidden
Fixed two handed backstab bug
....Fixed every bug I could find.

For anything that needs reported just whisper Avatar and I will review the logs.
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Re: HaxxordBBS relaunch with unique edits.

Post by Haxxord » Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:57 pm

2 more slime beast regens
greatly lowered cost of potions
lowered cost of basic plate armor
emerald studded bracelet @ curio
increase regen at orc barracks
increase regen in lava tubes
increased regen on sandbar
increased regen at dark elf training area
increase regen at dark elf castle (lower area)
fixed text on portals

known bugs: clerics can buy iron faith and greater healing before level requirement (it does not say "too powerful"), but can't use it until proper level.

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Re: HaxxordBBS relaunch with unique edits.

Post by Haxxord » Tue Jun 19, 2018 2:48 pm

Recent Edits:
-potions weigh nothing. Enjoy!
-slightly lowered damage of ice golems (similiar to salamanders)
-increased regen:
red dragons
green dragons
white dragons
blue dragons
-insta regen orc rogues in sewers dank rooms
this should provide low level alternative to cave worm that is less exp but helps generate cash.
-added items to junkyard
-fixed some custom textblocks

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