Should be resetting soon, everyone quit.. come check us out!

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Should be resetting soon, everyone quit.. come check us out!

Post by Julian » Tue Sep 15, 2020 6:28 pm

Hello There! :)

Looks like all the users quit! At least we have people on the top scores list (top 10/top). Seems to be, highest scoring player is, LEVEL 52! :) Maybe Higher? Top experiences:

Come to our BOARD and type TOP 50 or TOP 100!!


Rank Name Class Gang/Guild Experience


BlackLotus Paladin The Office 1508870376

Bobloblaw N Warlock The Office 1424618647

Spike Spiegel Ninja The Office 996844497

Terd Bard Derp 891231898

Dylan Shalonost Paladin The Office 715630234

Korvikan Thackle Missionary The Office 606925121

DarthTiny SithLord Witchunter The force 587004396

Tiny Rick Missionary The force 580144729

Riordin Wolfsbane Warrior The Dragonsworn 569673576

Yoda Mando Cleric The force 554178264

Should we reset?

The BBS is live, but nobody is online.. just sitting there, waiting for you.

If anyone creates a character, your character will not be reset with the rest of the realm. We support importing/exporting your user mudplayer accounts intra-bbs and intra-bbs's!

We currently have 3 realms available but only ONE is open for new players. It is NON-PVP! All information is on our board,

Come here to us & Happy Mudding!!!


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