ClassicMUD PVP Realm - Friday, June 26 Kill Count 0 / Item Sweep

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ClassicMUD PVP Realm - Friday, June 26 Kill Count 0 / Item Sweep

Post by MiOw » Fri Jun 19, 2020 10:36 am

I've got a a couple exciting announcement for y'all in regards to the ClassicMUD PVP realm!

During the 9:00PM EST cleanup next Friday, June 26, I am going to reset boss kill timers to 0 and perform a floor sweep of the realm. This means all limited items that are not on a user or in a gang house will be ready to drop.

I have also deleted any user accounts that have been inactive for more than 7 days, and will do so again before cleanup on Friday, June 26.

I will post an updated limited items list here after cleanup on June 26 that displays which items are on users or in rooms, but wthout the specific detail, within the Facebook group and on Mudinfo / Reddit.

Reminder - only one verified account is allowed per player in the PVP realm. You can request verification by messaging me directly via Facebook Messenger -

Don't forget to join our Facebook group -

If you haven't played this push, or haven't played in a while and lost your character, this would be a great "restart" for you.


- Michael (The Sysop)

ClassicMUD... lightly seasoned with no dupes!
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