The original TQPS ( is back online!

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The original TQPS ( is back online!

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TQPS originally ran from 1995-2000 and was Melbourne's 3rd largest BBS (32 lines).

Thanks to technology we've been able to kick things off again and we've been rebuilding whilst laying dormant since 2019.

We're A LOT bigger than just MUD - but I am only here to talk about the MUD aspect in particular.

Our primary realm - MajorMUD
- Increased Lairs & Spawns (low visited areas being targeted)
- Map additions with hidden areas and secrets (New and old areas)
- New NPCs
- New items
- No limited items (in original content)
- No PVP
- No resets
- Members currently get SYS GOTO
- Standard MegaMUD friendly
* All added content listed in the MUD menu Release Notes

Our secondary realm - MajorMUD Silicon
- MUDRev (SiliconREV)
- No PVP
- MME DB in file libraries
- Requires you have related MegaMUD paths
* MegaMUD Path, Race and Class files are in the file libraries

Our third realm - MajorMUD Classic (Original unmodified MajorMUD (1994-2006))
- No changes to game or game play
- PVP enabled 7 levels
- 1 player only per account(s)
- Play as it was intended
- No one plays here but we have it as an option for those nostalgic few

Our fourth realm - SWTORMUD - is still under development and not accessible at this time - just know it's on it's way! Screenshots coming to file libraries soon.
- Takes place during the Old Republic era
- Complete rework of all DBs (including maps)
- Jedi are completely OP
- Smugglers start with a DL-44 pistol (even if you choose to be a Cathar)

Quick Q&A

Q. Did MegaMUD send you on a wild goose chase and you died somewhere, lost all your gear and feel like rage quitting?
A. We got you! Character restores in extreme cases are no problem. We'll restore you from the previous cleanup. No charge and no disruption to other players.

Q. I played in the realm that got upgraded to MUDRev but I don't like it. Can you port my character(s) to the original realm?
A. No trouble. We've noticed MUDRev isn't for everyone and we'll happily port your character(s) back to our original realm.

We have a 0 tolerance policy for abuse, misuse and player harassment.

- Frank Dux

EDIT: 08/24/21 - Updated changes to primary realm
EDIT: 08/30/21 - We've removed the limits on limited items for original MUD content
EDIT: 10/11/21 - Added Silicon and shuffled Expanded down as 90+% players are using Silicon
EDIT: 11/01/21 - Minor updates but important for those deciding where to play
EDIT: 11/05/21 - We're listening, some of you don't like change (or MUDRev). We'll happily port you back to the original realm.
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Re: The original TQPS ( is back online!

Post by Mustang05241984 »

Just wanted to add that this board has been amazing, we have a small group playing atm but the sysop has been open to changing/adding new content which is refreshing, We have unlimited items, and npc for gjr's and sys goto's. I'd be glad to help any new players just gos and ask cosmos.

So I also wanted to add that Frank, the sysop is on the verge of releasing another content drop called "The Carnival" which should be awesome. I'm willing to help power level new players to level 20 or so and can also supply some plat. Think about joining us we're very friendly and welcome more players!

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