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Post by Jonas » Thu Jan 07, 2021 3:46 pm

There is a Gearbot in the Halls of Dead that will grant you any droppable item, simply telepath the word make and then the name of the item. It can also change your alignment with the words evil, neutral, or good being telepathed.(evil adds 30 points each time) You can smile at the Gearbot for 1000 gold. You can say the word FURY to the room for the sysop buff Combat Fury to be cast on the room. Say heal me to the room for a full mana and health refill.

There is a Monster Summoner in the golden arena chamber near practice dummy - If you telepath the word summon followed by the WCC number of the monster you want, it will appear in the chamber. Use this wisely!

The Phoenix Feather will instant transport you to the Lava Fields upon use

The Gold Jeweled Ring has significantly upgraded stats, and will instant transport you to Arlysia upon use.

I am in the process of making a special weapon (obtained from Gearbot) for each class. So far I have one for the witch hunter and one for the warrior

Witch hunter weapon is a 2-Hander Sharp called Death’s Blade and is quite strong, having a life steal and void attack added to the swings.

Warrior weapon is a 1-Hander Sharp called Warrior’s Edge and is identical in function to the with hunter weapon for now

Would love suggestions on weapons for the rest of the classes!

As the sysop I’m at keys daily for any help that is needed.

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