GreaterMUD PvP resets Saturday 4-20-2019

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GreaterMUD PvP resets Saturday 4-20-2019

Post by TheFuneralPortrait » Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:16 pm

Join us for a reset of the best PvP realm around!

Realm will be resetting on 4/20, 11AM EST
Address: port 23

The realm features version 1.2 of the enhanced GreaterMUD content, which is an improved version with longer playability. We have posted the MME Export and changelog on the GreaterMUD forums. For information on realm content changes, please check out the changelog and MME export on GreaterMUD forums:

We have set up a test realm for the weeks leading up to the resets of each realm. Log on to the GreaterMUD server and ask in either realm for more info.

Basic rules:
10 level pvp range
Hang penalties are set for 20% of your total hitpoints
1 character per IP with NO EXCEPTIONS.
No teleport tokens
Lives can be bought at healers for 1 runic each
No alignment changes
Experience required to buy a gang house is set at 400 million
Page/Telepath bombing is not allowed, along with spam of any kind
First kill limiteds are in place (Please note that the amount of limited items has been reduced greatly as part of our content overhaul)
Failure to set up your megamud properly is your fault, not ours.
There will be no playing ops in the PvP realm, and it will be very hands-off. Traditionally GreaterMUD PvP realm is the most active and the most hardcore realm, so be prepared.

Inactive and Idle Players with Limited Items
Inactive (not logged on) and/or Idle (online but not earning experience) accounts with limited items will be stripped. If you hide somewhere and come out once a week to kill one or two monsters that will NOT be considered active and your account is still subject to being stripped.

Racial Slurs
If we see it in a public channel, you will be banned. It's that simple.

We reserve the right to add to this list of rules at any time.

Gather your allies and prepare yourself! See you on Saturday the 20th!
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Re: GreaterMUD PvP resets Saturday 4-20-2019

Post by TheFuneralPortrait » Sat Apr 13, 2019 2:33 pm

MME Export now available on GreaterMUD forums. Log on to the current realms for information about the test server, where you can come on and look around, make paths, or just hang out! Please note that the test realm is likely to undergo updates through the week leading up to launch.

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