EntConn2 / EntConn Backup and running

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EntConn2 / EntConn Backup and running

Post by Prime » Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:45 pm

Hey Fellow MMuders,

I finally got EntConn back up and running. Below are details:

Address: entconn2.com
Port: 23
Connections Per IP Allowed: 3
Cleanup: 5am MST
Death Settings: 1000 HPs
Edited/Non-Edited: Slightly Edited
Edited Specifics: Max Level, Max Stats for Races Increased, Spell Mod, Fighter Belt Mod, Some other additional items, A few Room Modules and Unique Areas
Highest Obtainable Level: 500 @ Hydra
Limited Items has been increased to 3x

Additional Info:
This board is not a reset but I look regularly to see who has not logged in a while. If they haven't played after a certain amount of time I strip the limited items and put them back in the game.

I hope to see new and existing players on EntConn. Let's get this board as active as can be. If you have trouble logging on or have any questions please let me know.

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Re: EntConn2 / EntConn Backup and running

Post by montrose818 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 4:57 pm

Any updates on this? This is the only board I have characters on, and it would be a shame to let it disappear. Perhaps pass on the files to someone else to host? It has a history and had quite a few active players.

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