Pimptite BBS

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Pimptite BBS

Postby qazra » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:22 pm

BBS Info

•Name of BBS: Pimptite BBS
•Address of BBS: Pimptite.com

•Price: free
•Cleanup/Shutdown Times: 3AM Eastern time
•Are nightly backups made: yes
•WG Version: 3.30
•Validation required: no
•Type of Connection: 1gb
•Number of accounts you can have: Unlimited
•Globals Installed: no

MUD Info - MudRev

•Version Running: v1.11p
•Scripting Allowed: Yes
•PvP Allowed: Yes
•PvP level difference: 10
•Death Pile raiding: use at own discretion
•Sys Commands (& which ones): sys map sys goto
•Level Stack allowed: 16
•Training Setup (Max Level, Etc): 300
•New Classes: Yes
•New Races: Yes
•New Items: Yes
•New Areas: Yes
•Playing SySop: rarely
•Playing Mudop(s): no
•Death HP: -100
•Exp. Multi/Exp Tables Lowered: MudRev Exp Tables
•Limited Items: Unlimited
•Item Drop %: n/a
•Other Edits: This is a MudRev realm. Highly edited, fast paced realm.

Stock Info

•Version Running: 1.11p
•Scripting Allowed: Yes
•PvP Allowed: Yes
•PvP level difference: 10
•Death Pile raiding: Yes
•Sys Commands (& which ones): Sys Map Sys Goto
•Level Stack allowed: 16
•Training Setup (Max Level, Etc): Stock
•New Classes: No
•New Races: No
•New Items: No
•New Areas: No
•Playing SySop: Try to when I have time
•Playing Mudop(s): No
•Death HP: -25
•Exp. Multi/Exp Tables Lowered: No
•Limited Items: Stock
•Item Drop %: Stock

•Other Games running: Farwest Trivia, Mutants, Tradewars, Tlord, SoC, The Rose and many many more
•Server Specs: Win7 64BIT Cloud Server.

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Re: Pimptite BBS

Postby wardance » Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:11 pm

I think its down cap'n.

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Re: Pimptite BBS

Postby Sodium » Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:51 pm

wardance wrote:I think its down cap'n.

Yeah been down for like 3 weeks now. Kind of annoying considering how much time and effort I put into it. Please let us know if you're going to be bringing it back!

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