To kill or be call waiting.

Stories from playing the game or IRL that involves Majormud
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To kill or be call waiting.

Post by Dizasta » Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:35 am

Back in the dial-up days when I was still fairly new to Majormud. Our household had 1 computer, 1 phone line w/ call waiting, 3 mud addicts and 0 calls received. We were victims many times from call waiting and usually disabled it, but this caused a problem with the father figure of the household with complaints from friends/family who get nothing but a busy signal every time and never getting through. Dad knowing how true this is because he's a victim himself. We weren't allowed to disable call waiting anymore. So to work around this dilemma that affected our "mud life" we started to wait for a call from dad just incase he ever did call when after we got home from school. We disabled call waiting after if he did until the time he got home from work. We knew if we let 1 call go through then he would know we weren't disobeying, but we be sneaky and try to press our luck like a dupe not trying to get caught by the obvious usuals. Growing tired of our shit my dad got us a 2nd phone line.

Ok now to the game. Still playing the very first character(paying) a level 24 dwarf warrior and you guessed it - the highest level I've ever been. Not only did my brothers play mud, but I've gotten a few friends hooked on it too. It's funny having friends who also play mud and when a disagreement or a fight breaks out between you two that you actually use your mud character to fight for you. My friend also had a friend that I also knew, but wasn't really into being his friend. This poor soul was playing on a green monochrome monitor and like me he had call waiting. He had recently purchased the former highest character in the realm. For reasons I do not know he rerolled him some time later to a level within pvp range of me. One day in the graveyard we engaged. Both my brother's gather behind me and watch as I start to fight. I can't remember the cause or what class he was all I know is that I wanted to kill him. At first it was a fairly even fight and then I started getting some good rounds on him. He started running away and I was in hot pursuit. When I caught up to him a got another round off, but something was wrong. He was just standing there. I'm like what's this fool doing? Happily I said he's just standing there! Now with tingling with excitement and a huge smile across my face. I quickly look over at my brother who was right next to me. I see him looking at the screen and to my surprise with a phone to his ear. He called him know he had call waiting with our other line.
Needless to say I did kill him, but I was kinda pissed because I couldn't say he died from my pvp skills or anything like that. It was pretty funny afterwards though because I had no idea my brother was even going to do that. I didn't notice because I glued to the screen. Moral of the story is don't pvp someone who knows you have call waiting.

Sorry for the quickly written and half-ass story.

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