Easiest quest weapon I ever got

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Easiest quest weapon I ever got

Postby Joker » Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:42 pm

I began playing majormud on a local BBS called Cyberlot out of Newport News, VA, way back in the day. My wife created a Kang Paladin and was really into the game. I created a HOG Warrior and was the first warrior to get the golden battleaxe quest weapon. Another player with a dwarf paladin beat my wife to the shimmering longsword (the original paly questor), and she really wanted it for her paladin, but wasn't one to engage in PVP. As Majormud was fairly new back then, and people were still learning the game, I made up a story that if you hand a class quest weapon to another class of character, it would instantly kill them. I woke the next morning, and checked on my script. I seen 3 things: 1) I was still online and scripting the black house caverns, 2) I had the shimmering longsword in my possession, and 3) numerous telepaths and gossip messages asking if I could please give the longsword back, since I lied. The other paladin character, Lord Soth, had found my script during the night and handed me the paly questor thinking he would get an easy kill and could collect my golden belt and ruby necklace. Needless to say, my wife used the weapon well into her level 30-somethings.

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