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ClassicMUD... lightly seasoned with no dupes!

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 2:38 pm
by MiOw
Port: 2323

ClassicMUD is hosted on a paid-for AWS t2.micro cloud-based server with full nightly backups, an active T-LORD game, and three MajorMUD realms.

BattleMUD PVP (LIMS) : =/- 9 PVP, 10% HP hang penalty, death at -30, limited items, regular resets on the last Saturday of June and December, launches 12/28/2018 @ 9:00PM EST
MajorMUD PVP (NO LIMS) : =/- 9 PVP, 10% hang penalty, death at -30, no limited items, permanent run
MajorMUD PVE (NO LIMS) : PVP disabled, death at -100, no limited items, permanent run

*the PVE realm does not require verification and players may have multiple characters

Each realm is "lightly seasoned", meaning they have stock content with minor adjustments to promote low- to mid-level hyper-activity and competitiveness. There are no playing Ops in ClassicMUD realms.

- Michael (Sysop) -
- Facebook Group -
- MME File - ... D.mdb?dl=0


Only one character per verified player is allowed for PVP-realm play.

Verification may be obtained by messaging the Sysop via Facebook from an established profile with your account name.

Accounts that are not verified will be unable to train beyond level 5.