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News & Announcements

Post by lucid2310 » Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:50 pm

Any news or recent announcements will be added to this thread.

Happy New Year all! Progress is still being made on the conversion, you can follow the progress on GitHub under the "development" branch.
From a development perspective, it is massively tedious, when looking at the raw logic I may have to decode another aspect to get some idea of the usage and what type of object (player, item, spell, room etc) is being used in that context, compounding the issue, the decompilers like to duplicate the arguments passed if there are overloaded methods or methods that have variable arguments.

If anyone that has a good understanding of the game and how to read decompiled code wants to help out, just drop me a PM, I have a google spreadsheet set up to coordinate and assign methods to convert as well as a breakdown of the game content structures to help to decode. :ugeek: ... Manager.cs

  • The direction changed on the content usage, I was going to use a MySQL server and at some point, it may become an option to the SysOps.
    The content files for the Remud server will be the *.Dat files, this preserves the use of applications like Nightmare Redux and MMUD Explorer.
  • The game is outlined from the decompiled source code. This means, I have taken all the method calls in the wccmmud.dll and created a placeholder in the C# code. There are about 500 of them!
    I have been using a combination of Snowman, IDA PRO, and Binary Ninja to piece together a somewhat coherent picture of the majormud source from the wccmmud.dll. In some cases, this won't be a 1:1 translation as the mud code relied heavily on pointers and pointer arithmetic. The idea is to capture the intention of the logic from C++ to C#.
Here a quick example of the translated code:

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Re: News & Announcements

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