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1.5.0 2020-09-18
Assorted bug fixes / minor enhancements

- Fix more rooms west of dismagi that randomly punted you to DTH for exit/entering
- Fix a few more monsters who dropped items that didn't stack/group in the room, but should.
- Update mant and quik to counter missing slow spells that are countered by sped. (Wizard sfog still has no counter)
- Fix ice storm scroll from ice sorc
- give 9th quest rewards the usage abilities implied by the textblocks that give them to players
- Fix Maestro and Wardancer in Lissom quest

1.4.1 2020-07-16
Beef up medal of endurance a bit as start of minor upgrades to WHs, 5th quest weapon viability

- Update all 5th quest weapons from Magic 5 to Magic 7.
- Minor improvement to medal of endurance

The MME download is updated.

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