She gonna BLOW!

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She gonna BLOW!

Post by BearFather » Sun May 20, 2018 11:17 pm

So today while setting up the new raid for the VM server the main drive which was boot and where all the VM where kept, died while trying to boot the system up. Semi-fortunately I had taking a backup of users and all the mud data to my drive locally. So all the mud info is in tack! Which really blows cause this week was to test and start to move things to that new raid 6 drives, and next weekend move the board. But no the fucking drive couldn't last another week! So now it's in the freezer waiting for me to grab an external enclosure tomorrow and try to see if I can pull anything from it. I hope so sounds like the read head died.

But lost the core OS, so while I hosted the server on my host I install ubuntu real fast on a spare 5400 rpm drive(ouch) and got a vm built and running WG and mud. So Mud is back to running, but no dma server so no door games, all that info is lost so all those games will have be reset. Cross your fingers and hope the tech gods smile upon me tomorrow when I try to see if I can get it to spin up.

If I can't get any of the data I have a lot of backend to rebuild. Scary part right now I have no nightly backups right now. Cross your fingers the board runs smooth and no major issues tonight.

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