Bard Ideas

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Bard Ideas

Post by Demandrid » Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:27 pm

Here are a few things I thought of that could add some diversity to bards.

Two weapons, one for the level 30 range because getting offhands for quests all the time is not enjoyable and bards should have instruments.

1) Harmonic Dagger - Lvl 30 or 35 (adjust stats to be 35) - 1h Sharp, 1600 Speed - 12 - 32 damage, BS Max +20, BS Min +5, Magical 6, Crits +6 Dodge +3, 5% chance to cast sleep (1 round).
Demandrid slashes you for 35 damage.
A harmonic song puts you to sleep!
Demandrid slashes you for 12 damage.
Demandrid critically stabs you for 112 damage!

2) Dragons Song Blade - Lvl 70 - 1h Sharp - 2400 speed - 22 - 45 damage, BS Max +25, BS Min +15, Magical 6, Crits +10, AC 4/1, +15 to rlit, rfir, rcol, water - 100% chance on hit to cast adolescent dragons breath (fire, ice, lightning, or acid)

Three new spells - Think battle level / type but with different purposes

1) Song of Protection - 1*(0.1 per level) AC, 1*(0.1 per level) DR, 1*(0.1 per level) MR, +2*(0.1 per level) Dodge
2) Song of Archmages - same level scale as protection for SC, MR and then add +50% mana regen
3) Song of Heavens - Gives health regen, accuracy, and +50 health regen (upgrade from song of life) (cancels song of life)

4) A new aoe damage spell, our last one is level 19 - something that's like spirit horde level damage but maybe at level 45 or something.
- Song of demons - A demonic horde devistates the room for xxx damage! (I can not think of a good name)

Those are just the few ideas I came up with for now. I'll work on some other item based things when I review some more of whats in the game currently.


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Re: Bard Ideas

Post by BearFather » Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:30 am

I like those ideas they are pretty solid, I got a dagger similar to that sleep one, but it's 1% chance to slay. I do like the spells, but I believe I did add a hp ticker at around 65 70. Also I did make a new AOE but it is lvl 90.

I will look and see what's in these ranges and see if they would be a good fit. If not will have to do some tweaking maybe, maybe not.

Keep them coming.

Also you should unhide thinks not in the game in MME, you will see more items.

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Re: Bard Ideas

Post by Demandrid » Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:35 pm

Sounds good, i'll work on some more this coming weekend. It's when I have no work, or wife so I can do my thing. :) I felt like the sleep thing was really in character for a singing class, although I could see a reason for that to be on a 60+ item as well.

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