Blood Keep Walkthrough

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Blood Keep Walkthrough

Post by HardWood » Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:16 pm

These rooms are for the lvl 80 Items "Quest" in the Blood Keep. Each item is listed at 22 Runic each and 3-4 items for each class. So if you are ugly, take more.

Ninja: D,N,N,NE,E,NE,NE,NW,NW,D,N (Room for Stone) ,N,D,NE,NW,NE,NW,NE,NW,D,N,D (Room for Armor) ,N,SW,NW,NE,SE,D (Room for Weapon)
Wardancer: D,SE,E,S,E,N,N,W,S,E,S,W,D,N (Room for Scroll) ,N,D,SW,SE,NE,NW,SW,SE,NE,W,S,D,N (Room for Robes) ,N,D,E,N,W,S,D (Room for Blade)
Missionary: D,SW,E,SE,W,D (Room for Both Blades, Armor and Spell)
Rouge/Thief: D,N,NE,NE,NW,NW,D (Room for Armor, Blade and Cap)
Mystic: D,E,E,E,SE,NE,E,N,W,S,E,N,W,D,E (Room for Stone) ,E,D,SW,SE,NE,NW,SW,E,D,E (Room for Robes) ,E,D,W,S,E,N,D (Room for Weapon)
Arborean: D,N,SW,SW,E,N,SE,S,S,D (Room for Armor, Blade, and Spell)
Gypsy: D,SE,SE,W,W,D (Room for Blade, Scroll and Armor)
Ranger: D,S,S,E,S,W,N,D,N,N,N,N,D (Room for Spell, Spear and Armor)

Druid: D,W,SE,N,SE,NE,NW,SW,NW,D (Room for Staff, Robes and Spell)
Shaman: D,N,N,N,N,N,N,N,D,S (Room for Staff, Spell and Robes)
Mage: D,N,E,S,S,W,W,N,N,E,D (Room for Spell, Robes and Staff)
Wizard: D,W,NW,S,E,N,W,S,D (Room for Robes, Staff and Spell)
Priest: D,N,N,N,N,N,N,N,N,N,N,N,D (Room for Blade, Crozier, Robes and Spell)
BattleMage: D,S,S,S,S,S,E,E,E,E,E,D (Room for Blade, Armor, and Spell)
Necrolyte: D,W,S,E,N,N,E,S,W,D,N (Room for Robe, Spell and Staff)
Maestro: D,E,E,E,SE,S,S,SE,SW,SW,SE,S,S,D,E,E,D (Room for Spell) ,E,SE,NE,SE,NE,SE,NE,SE,NE,SE,SE,NE,NW,SW,NW,SW,NW,D,E,E,D (Room for Jacket),E,NE,SE,SW,NW,NE,SE,SW,NW,D (Room for Staff)

Bard/Skald: D,NW,E,SW,E,S,D,N,N,NE,NE,NE,D (Room for Hammer*, Platemail*, Tunic^, Pike^ and Spell. *=Skald ^=Bard)
Warrior: D,N,NW,E,E,S,E,N,N,N,D (Room for Armor, Blade and Ring)
Templar: D,S,S,SE,SE,SE,SE,D,NW,SW,SE,N,SW,D (Room for Armor and Axe)
Witchunter: D,N,N,NW,NW,NW,SW,SW,SW,SW,E,E,SW,E,SW,D (Room for Armor, Cape and Blade)
Samurai: D,N,SE,SW,S,E,S,D,N,E,S,W,D (Room for Stone, Sword and Armor)
Paladin: D,N,N,NE,NE,NW,SW,SE,NE,NW,SW,D,N (Room for Spell) ,N,D,N,NW,NE,NW,NE,NW,NE,D,N (Room for Armor) ,N,D,SE,SW,NW,NE,D (Room for Sword)

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Re: Blood Keep Walkthrough

Post by BearFather » Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:03 am

Added to the mudrev quest page.

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