Fix for monster area attack spells

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Fix for monster area attack spells

Post by MiOw » Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:18 pm

There is a coding error with nine area attack spells that cause the associated monsters to not cast the spell. You can correct the issue by using NMR to replace ability (1) DAMAGE with ability (17) DAMAGE(-MR) on the following spells:

Spells: 326, 387, 538, 766, 772, 895, 1203, 1229, and 1319.

The associated monsters will then use them appropriately during auto-combat.

You can use MME to look up additional detail, including which monsters use them, as well as see a message indicating the error in the first place. Simple example, look up the "stone giant shaman" or some of the unique dragons (white, green, AED, or sand) and review the information panel.


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