Ideals for a PvE mud

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Ideals for a PvE mud

Post by Raybdbomb »

I almost exclusively play this game PvE. MajorMUD is pretty dated in the aspect of game design, and it's a little too "hardcore" by today's standards. Thinking back to why I quit in the past, it's always related to dying somewhere I shouldn't have been, and losing all my gear. I think all of the following modernizes the game, and makes it more "complete":

1. No limit on number of chars
2. No limit on items
3. Lowered regen. Nothing above let's say 24hrs
4. All items are loyal
5. Death hp is super low, like -2000
6. Removal or balancing or the pvp specific classes and races. Candidates: Thief, gypsy, missionary, halfling, gaunt one, human
7. Usage of a mudbot for @home, alignment changes, and to give lives

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Re: Ideals for a PvE mud

Post by syntax »

That's pretty much my board.

no limited items
all wearable / keys loyal
2x monster and quest exp
max regen time to 48 hours
removed magic hit limits
removed spell immu
+spell mod, lair mod

minimum monster item drop percentage set to 20% for mobs with regen > 2 hours ... del@maint excluded and a couple other things

removed see hidden from "guardsman", "elite guardsman", and "templars"

lowered regen to 12 for...
69-chest, 60-minotaur champion, 180-Champion of Blood, 59-Thrag, 68-guardian golem, 281-quickling lord, 114-minotaur chieftain, 178-master assassin, 174-dark bishop, 176-dark wizard, 113-banshee

nerfed fallen angel, hydra, and hydra heads
removed hydra key restriction

increased stock on training key in shop 182

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