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Codered BBS Reset

Post by Ravyn » Wed Oct 23, 2019 9:35 pm

Codered BBS annual reset will be in two weeks on Tuesday November 5th, 2019, 6PM PST!

board: coderedmud*servegame*com port 2323 (period not *)


data:… ...

For those of you who haven't played, Codered BBS is a unique edits board now 8 years in the making, geared towards a proper mod10 and beyond where stock mud left off, adding new high level content and rebalancing some things that were off, but maintaining a stock mud feel. I've spent many thousands of hours trying to accomplish this with well thought out edits including many many new areas and quests, 5 new classes some very very unique, 3 new races, almost +50% more spells, 3 new high level ganghouses, almost +50% more items and over 12,000 new rooms. It is not wildly edited like some mudrev stuff and every class is playable and enjoyable now (except thief). We have weekly summons party events for big exp, labyrinth runs for big prizes and more!

This year i have finished the 6th align quest the nine circles of hell based on dante's inferno. Pvp is enabled but everything is geared towards co-op play and pvp rarely happens, if you're just into pvp this isn't the place. All new paths and loops are written for you! Download our data and see the README file first for an overview of the style of edits, and the new races, classes and quests, etc, then checkout the MMEX data.

death -250 (-400 after 6 weeks)

2 chars per ip (enforced)

pvp +/- 10 lvls (20 after 6 weeks)

higher limited item counts

mudbot align change/@homes/temple healing

gjrs sold, sys go's enabled

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