Winterhawk's MegaMud Paths

Postby syntax » Wed Jul 08, 2009 4:41 am

These are MegaMud paths fixed/created by Winterhawk. There are tons of new paths to mod9 areas as well as many fixes to already created paths. View the readme file.

Download with installer:
(1.08 MiB) Downloaded 5087 times

The installer program performs the steps below for you. It provides options for cleaning out your Default, Char, and BBS folders. Created by syntax53.

  • v1.0 - First Release
  • v1.01 - This fixes the megamud.exe not found issue and adds options for removing the old files. This is an installer only update. No newer paths are included.
  • v2.0 - New Paths and more options

Download the files only:
(851.25 KiB) Downloaded 2803 times

Manual Installation instructions for replacement default megamud paths. In order to have the most trouble free installation with no path or room conflicts it is best to delete all old paths and databases.

  1. Close all instances of Megamud.
  2. Make a backup of your megamud folder.
  3. Delete the c:\program files\megamud\default folder.
  4. Go into megamud\chars\all and remove all files then do the same for each char folder except and
  5. Go into each folder under megamud and delete all files except the bbs.ini, and .
  6. Unzip the file and place the enclosed default folder in c:\program files\megamud\ where it replaces the default folder you deleted.
  7. Restart megamud and give it a try. If all went well you should now have an installation of megamud that no longer gets lost, knows all the newer spells and items and works better than ever before.

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