New MajorMUD Engine For WG/WIN/NIX/MAC

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New MajorMUD Engine For WG/WIN/NIX/MAC

Post by danielspain »

greetings all, my name is Daniel Spain and I am a worldgroup systems and addon developer.
yes I still design wg stuff, but that is for another flame war all together :)
anyhow, most recently, I have been doing a lot of porting from older major bbs code
to worldgroup v3.xx, but also in there I have created new ip such as a usurper port from a pascal developed door game to a c developed worldgroup module, and even went as far as to port tele-arena into its own standalone server.
over they ears I ran into several people whom were interested solely in majormud, and since I never played
back in the day (or even today), I really wouldn't know where to begin to even start, and then when I seen greatermud come about, well there was no point writing competing products if both were aimed at bringing majormud to modern times.
as time went on I spent more time doing my own projects and developed my own proprietary server engine, and spent even more time looking through majormud files and it occurred to me.
I could probably pull this off if I found a decent community willing to offer some help.
datamining, archived info, maps, anything they could offer, and since most of us that are even remotely interested in major bbs/ worldgroup module stuff we got to be atleast mid 30's ro probably somewhere in the 60's...... so I figured it wouldn't hurt to find a site loaded with people interested in the game, and try to pitch my idea for a new project.
using nightmare editor, I exported all the btrieve data to access databases, then imported each of those into a table in a single SQLite database, since it wouldn't export the user data I created a user table based off the fields found in the nightmare editor source code, I then cleaned up the database fields (text,blob,numeric,etc) and now have a perfect majormud.db SQLite database, however I have no clue how to play the game.
so my offer is if I can find a community of people willing to offer their time to help me develop the game,
I promise I will make it open source, and ALWAYS have the most current source code available for all to get.
I will lock the "master" branch for submission by myself only, but will gladly collaborate with any c developer out there that wants to help with the project.
once the worldgroup module is complete, I will always release it as a standalone server for windows/Linux/mac osx using my own proprietary server engine, which also has a java and c# variant.
I just need bodies, I cant pull it off solo, so if I can get enough interest, I will throw some phpbb forums
up on m webhost, and assign a subdomain to it and we can kick this off.
anyone interested, even a sysop interested in hosting the "devbed" and "beta" versions, please send me a pm and I will begin the preperations for the new project.

regards -- Daniel

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Re: New MajorMUD Engine For WG/WIN/NIX/MAC

Post by BearFather »

Sounds very interesting, several of us have been working on mud like engines. I currently making one in java. Got about 50% of the core code now. Working on content now. Cause I didn't do a direct port from mud. I kinda wish I did now. Cause content is what killing my progress. It takes a bit to come up with it solo.

Check out MajorMUD Developers on facebook. For devs.

Also I would throw my hat in but haven't learned C yet. I definitely would be interested to throw my hat in the ring.

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Re: New MajorMUD Engine For WG/WIN/NIX/MAC

Post by Xeeg »

Sounds interesting, what exactly do you need? I can code in C.

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Re: New MajorMUD Engine For WG/WIN/NIX/MAC

Post by Grzyby15 »

Greetings guys:) I can help, I'm a graphic designer.

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Re: New MajorMUD Engine For WG/WIN/NIX/MAC

Post by Djkao »

I don't know how to code but I would be willing to help with the server host testing.

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Re: New MajorMUD Engine For WG/WIN/NIX/MAC

Post by synacktic »

Did this ever go anywhere?

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