Just a quick note

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Just a quick note

Post by Than0s » Sat Jan 06, 2018 3:08 pm

I've been in and out of the MUD scene for awhile now. First getting solidly bitten in the early 90's on a BBS in Virginia. Even got tagged as a MUDOP before Cupid's BBS went defunct.

Ran my own for a little while (totally legit copy of WG and Majormud, maybe one of the last people to actually purchase a copy of WG 3.3) before stopping.

Well long story short (can tell more later) thanks for keeping this info around and easily found. A one-stop shop for the info is nice to have, and one day the other places are going to close up shop. So thanks for everything you've done and do Syntax.

I'm mostly on Greatermud now, after not having been online for 3 years, but every now and again I think about trying to remake an edited realm or port MajorMud into some other MUD engine.

Likely never happen, just something I think about now and again.

Oh, and the username is not exactly intentional, but it kind of is. I managed to type in the wrong email for Thanos, so I just made it Than0s instead.

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Re: Just a quick note

Post by rhipcity » Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:24 am

if you're looking for another place to play..

come join in on PVP/NONPVP Classic Mud :)

Miow has a nice community of active players .. maybe you're already there?

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