Summoning Bone Quest (Undocumented)

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Summoning Bone Quest (Undocumented)

Post by syntax » Tue Jun 30, 2009 3:02 pm

go kill some necromancers in the negative power plane and get a summoning bone (1% drop) ...

You critically cut tall necromancer for 259 damage!
142 gold drop to the ground.
The necromancer pleads to the Dark One for aid, and falls dead!
You gain 10000 experience.
*Combat Off*
The room is very dark - you can't see anything
[HP=467]:g su
You took summoning bone.

take it to the guildmaster and "ask guild necromancer" ...

Guildmaster's Office
Also here: Guildmaster.
Obvious exits: open door west
[HP=523]:ask guild necromancer
The guildmaster looks at you intently.

With a proud grin, you hand the summoning bone to the guildmaster.
With a glad cry, the guildmaster leaps to his feet.

"Incredible!" he exclaims. "You are indeed a hero! Although we do not have
much to offer, please accept these meager rewards, plus our undying thanks!"

He'll give you a golden box, 5 turquoise potions, and then a random item:
20% - ashwood wand
20% - teak wand
20% - mahogany wand
20% - pine wand
4% - darkwood rod
4% - silverwood rod
4% - rosewood rod
4% - birch rod
4% - cedar rod

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