Guildmaster Quest

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Guildmaster Quest

Post by syntax » Tue Jun 30, 2009 3:02 pm

From MMB:
1. Kill the orc warlord in the orc barracks past the slave-master.
2. Take his head to the guildmaster and you will get 1000 experience and 500 gold.

Also, for each orc head the guildmaster gives you 10 gold and 50 experience.

From MudVille:
Everyone can do these two quest, no matter what level. There are two separate quests here, but they can be done together. For the first one, you will gather 50 orc heads. For the second, you will gather the head of the orc warleader. They are both in the same place, and need the same words said to the guildmaster.

Greet Guildmaster
Ask guildmaster call to arms
Ask guildmaster orc
Kill tons of orcs in the orc training area, and gather 50 heads
Go to the orc warlord's room
Kill orc warlord
Get head of the orc warlord
Return to the Guildmaster
Give head of orc warlord to guildmaster OR
Give the 50 orc heads to the guildmaster

From MudCentral:
Goto Guildmaster in Silvermere
Greet guildmaster
Ask guildmaster call to arms
Ask guildmaster orc

Goto Slavemaster Area in Huge Cave
Twist skull in bedroom
Find the Orc Warlord and kill him
Get his head

Goto Guildmaster in Silvermere
Give head of orc warlord to guildmaster

You have completed the Guildmaster's quest, you will get 1000 exp and 500 gold!

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