Level 10 Weapon Quests

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Level 10 Weapon Quests

Post by syntax » Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:09 am

From MudVille:
The Weapons Quest
All characters must complete this quest if they want to try for their quest weapon. You can avoid this by training at one of the other trainers. Each class has its own trail of torture - some harder than others.
  1. Go into the crypt in the Graveyard
  2. Go down to the bottom level, kill the mummy and take the key
  3. Open and go through the north door
  4. Try all the doors in the following hallway until you are allowed in one
  5. Follow the path, killing everything until you reach your quest spirit.
  6. If you are a priest, missionary, cleric or paladin, don't pull the lever, you can't get the treasure, so don't try. Go the other way and help the little girl.
  7. At your quest spirit you may train to level 11 if you have the experience you need, and receive your class's quest weapon if it has not already been taken
From MudCentral:
First go into the tomb in the graveyard (e, e, n of entrance), go down the stairs and go north till you hit a 4 way intersection. Going east/west then south will lead you to two levers. Pull each of these quickly and come back to the intersection. Then run north all the way and you will find a secret passage. Go n then d. In this room, search south for a secret passage. When you find it go south and then head south (the level is shaped like a diamond, so you can go SE or SW) until you find a statue. PUSH BUTTON here and go south till you hit the stairs. Go down. Head north (you'll have to go around a fork in the path first) all the way till the path ends. You will only be able to enter this final room if you are level 10.

You'll need to kill a mummy (who should be sitting in this final room), who will drop a bone key. Use this key (or pick the lock if you can) to go north. This is the quest area. There are no monsters in this large room, so its safe to rest. You will find a number of paths leading off of this room. you will only be allowed to take one. Try them all until you find the one for your class. This is your "quest path". The path for each type of character is different, and you will have to discover what is required to complete your particular quest. At the end of your path is a "spirit". This spirit will give you your "quest item" which should be laying on the floor as you come in (but only if you are the first from your class to enter the quest room, since there is only one quest item for each class in the game). The spirit will also train you for L11 when you are ready. Once you train for L11, you will no longer be permitted to enter the tomb.

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Re: Level 10 Weapon Quests

Post by Kevrick » Thu Dec 05, 2019 3:39 pm

Does anyone know the regen time of the Mummy?

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Re: Level 10 Weapon Quests

Post by BearFather » Thu Dec 05, 2019 9:51 pm

It's instant.

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