How this community has changed from the days of

I have been booted from the Facegroup groups because of my desire to centralize information and further assist this community.  The last time I "threw a tantrum" as some would call it, people seemed to come together and it looked like an effort was going to be made to try and achieve that goal.  Several weeks later, today I made a single comment about the lack of progress, got attacked personally for it, told the hate-spewing member that I was blocking them, and in return I was booted from the groups.  And I'm the one throwing tantrums?

One day the people that have this wealth of knowledge won't be around on the Facebook groups or care to respond to people anymore.  While there is an abundance of information on, there is a lot missing. While the game is old, it still evolves.  Without a centralized place for that information, MajorMUD will cease to exist.  Pardon me for wanting to prevent that from happening.

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